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Test Drive: Buick Encore GX

Test Drive: Small but Stylish

Say what you will about the music of Prince, there’s no denying the man – all 5 feet, 3 inches of him – had style. Apply that same logic to automobiles and you’ll find you don’t need to drive something big to turn heads.

Test Drive: BMW I3

Test Drive: Watts up, Doc?

In the future, cars with gasoline-powered engines will be replaced by those propelled by electric motors and battery packs. Here are two ways to get a feeling for that future today.

Test Drive: Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport

Test Drive: Surprisingly Sporty

Of the things one might expect from a sport utility vehicle, sportiness is not usually one of them. But there are models that come by the ‘S’ in SUV honestly.

Test Drive: Lexus LS 500

Test Drive: Superb Sedans

You might think traditional automotive body styles are a thing of the past. Not so fast. Turns out there are several sedans on the market that qualify as fabulous four-doors.

Test Drive: Ford Super Duty

Test Drive: Deluxe Trucks

Along with their inherent utility, trucks are now sporting some of the most attractive styling and feature-rich interiors. They also work harder and smarter than ever before.

Test Drive: Toyota Avalon Hybrid

Test Drive: Luxury Hybrids – Not an Oxymoron

It used to be that driving a gasoline-electric hybrid meant forgoing creature comforts the rest of the motoring public takes for granted. Not anymore.

Test Drive: Ford Escape

Test Drive: Escape Artists

There are times when you just need to get away. Naturally, that task is made much easier with the right set of wheels, like these two compact crossovers.

Test Drive: Land Rover Discovery

Test Drive: Road To Adventure

Getting up, going to work and coming home to get lost in your smartphone isn’t living, it’s existing. So get a little mud on your boots and have yourself an adventure once in a while. Here are two models designed with that in mind.

Test drive: Honda Passport

Where to Today? – Honda Passport/Subaru Outback

Our vehicles are always ready to take us beyond the everyday, and these two new models are especially well-suited to do so.

Test drive: Mazda MX-5 Miata

Maximum Fun Allowed by Law – Mazda Miata RF/Alfa Romeo Stelvio

We recommend rolling down a curvy stretch of road in one of these beauties.