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Test Drive: Volkswagen Jetta GLI

No Bad Days – Volkswagen Jetta GLI/Honda Civic Si

Everyone has a bad day occasionally. Everyone, that is, except those lucky enough to park one of these in their garage.

Test Drive: Toyota Rav4

Where the Pavement Ends – Toyota RAV4/Subaru Ascent

Experience life firsthand with the help of these remarkably user-friendly crossover SUVs.

Test drive: Nissan Kicks

Big Fun – Nissan Kicks/Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit

These two models are virtually guaranteed to produce smiles.

Test drive: Toyota Corolla Hybrid

Mileage or Smile-Age? – Toyota Corolla Hybrid/Genesis G70

Folks who wring the maximum MPG out of a fill-up want something distinctly different than those who love to hustle down a curvy stretch of road. These two new models cover both ends of the spectrum.

Test drive: Lexus UX200

Upscale, Downsize – Lexus UX 200/Volvo XC40

These two new models prove that upscale and downsize are not mutually exclusive concepts.

Test drive: Acura RDX

High-Tech, To Go – Acura RDX/Volvo XC60 Hybrid

Explore cutting edge technology with these two newly updated crossovers.

Test drive: Nissan Altima

Middle of the Road – Nissan Altima/Mazda6

New midsize sedans offer more options, safety features and comfort.

Test drive: Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen

A Place for Your Stuff – Volkswagen Golf SportWagen/Mazda3 Hatchback

Whether it’s moving boxes or a run to the store, you’ll eventually need a vehicle that can haul your stuff. Here are two appealing candidates.

Getting It To Go: Kia Soul

Getting It to Go – Kia Soul/Jeep Gladiator

These two models are designed to let you take people – and cargo – along for the ride.

Smooth Operators – Genesis G90/Lincoln Continental

Across town or cross-country, driving a sophisticated automobile will make the trip significantly more enjoyable. These are two smooth sedans.