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Heavenly Hybrids – Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid/Kia Niro

Sure, sure, we know it’s a minivan. But don’t let that fool you, as the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid is still one of the most appealing new models on the market.

Keep on Truckin’ – Ram 1500/Honda Ridgeline

Large and in charge. That’s how you’ll feel behind the wheel of the all-new Ram 1500 pickup. There’s just no other way to say it: This full-size truck is big,

A Tale of Two SUVs – Jeep Wrangler/Volkswagen Atlas

A poseur. That’s what virtually every other SUV on the market looks like compared to the Jeep Wrangler. While plenty of competitors put out a rugged vibe, the all-new Wrangler

Is ‘Sporty SUV’ an Oxymoron? – Jaguar I-Pace/BMW X4

Sport-utility vehicles used to project a rugged vibe. Now, new models that put the ‘sport’ in ‘sport-utility’ have become a thing.

Hello, I Must Be Going – Volkswagen Beetle/Ford Fusion Hybrid

There was a time when the Volkswagen Beetle was the ride of choice for the cool kids. Well, with VW’s latest Beetle, it seems that time has come again. Or

Practical-y Perfect – Hyundai Kona/Honda Fit

While many daydream about driving a sports car, reality eventually calls. Two remarkably sensible new models meld sport and style.

Pavement, Shmavement – Jeep Compass/Volvo V90 Cross Country

Like the Mach 5 in its day, crossovers have developed a legion of dedicated fans. But I predict the Jeep Compass will be sought-after for more than just its body

Hot Hatchbacks – Toyota Corolla Hatchback/Honda Civic Hatchback

Sexy: There’s a word you don’t generally apply to affordable cars. And yet, it’s an apt description of the Toyota Corolla Hatchback. Granted, it’s not bright-red Ferrari kind of alluring.

Tough Trucks – Ford F-150 Raptor/Chevrolet Colorado ZR2

The full-size Ford F-Series didn’t achieve its best-seller status by resting on its past successes. Which explains the existence of the high-performance Ford F-150 Raptor. The four-door crew cab Raptor

Performance, Please! – Fiat 124 Spider/Kia Stinger

If there’s a nicer place to be on a sunny afternoon than a winding two-lane road behind the wheel of the Fiat 124 Spider (with the top down, of course)