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workout routines

Workout Routines You’ll Actually Enjoy

From Zumba to kickboxing, these are workout routines that you will have fun doing and maybe even look forward to!

social technology

Social Technology, Apps and Gadgets for the Adventurous Traveler

Cool apps and gadgets and that can help you to capture and share your next big adventure!

car technology, gadgets connected to usb ports

Fun Car Technology Gadgets

Whether you purchase for kicks or for safety, these fun car technology gadgets help to make driving (and traffic) more enjoyable.

hotel apps

Hotel Apps and Other Hospitality Tech Trends

From convenient hotel apps to updated in-room technology, look out for the latest in technologies on your next getaway.

substitutes for vegetable oil

Substitutes for Vegetable Oil and Other Healthy Eating Alternatives

Eating healthier begins with making smart choices. Start by trying these substitutes for vegetable oil and reducing your intake of artificial sugars and salt.

best fitness trackers

The Best Fitness Trackers for Improved Health

The newest and best fitness trackers on the market do so much more than track your steps.

uniworld india river cruise

Explore India by River Cruise

Uniworld’s India river cruises highlight unique history, landmarks and savory cuisine from New Delhi to Kolkata.

car connection - connecting an app to your car

Inside Car Connection Trends of the Future

We explore the latest technology and advances in car connection.

healthy everyday habits

Two Healthy Everyday Habits to Get Into

These little changes can make a big difference in your lifestyle and overall well-being.

best wearable - checking your smart watch

The Best Wearable Technology Products You’ll Want to Try

From earbuds that provide superhuman hearing to a device that lets you make phone calls with your fingertips, learn about four of the most interesting wearable tech items.