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Climate Changes

Your body often needs to adjust when you’re traveling high or low, hot or cold.


Travel That’s Smart for Your Heart

Planning ahead makes all the difference when sticking to healthy habits on the road.

Spread Joy, Not Germs, While Traveling

Bites, bugs and viruses can turn a great vacation into a dud. Here’s how to avoid infections while traveling.

Stress free holiday

Here’s to Stress-Free Holidays

As you’re planning your holiday travel, how about planning not to be stressed? The key to staying chill during this most-traveled season is a solid routine that starts a year

cruise vacations

What Causes Motion Sickness on Cruise Vacations?

Some of us experience an unpleasant sensation when at sea. Read on to find out why and how we can make our cruise vacations easier on ourselves.

cold myths

Cold & Flu Falsehoods

Holiday travel season and cold-and-flu season are upon us and, for many, the two go hand in hand. “Around the holidays, people have to travel, sick or well,” said Dr.

Finding Safety in Unfamiliar Surroundings

Protecting yourself and your property when traveling requires sound practices.

Feeling Tired and Cranky? You Might Be Dehydrated

Staying properly hydrated during travel isn’t always easy, but it is important. If you find that you’re not feeling well, you may just need a glass of water.

room service

The Skinny on Room Service

You can have your room service and still eat healthy. Here’s how.

The Skinny on Sunscreen

As you ponder sprays, sticks, lotions and gels with various UV levels and ingredients, there are a few key things you should know about sunscreen.