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covid vaccine finder

CDC Launches New COVID Vaccine Finder Tool

Access to COVID-19 vaccines is limited, but this tool can help you plan for when your vaccination time comes.

health and fitness app

Staying on Track With Health and Fitness Apps

Tech and fitness make the perfect pair, allowing you to track your goals while monitoring vitals and offering recommendations.

appliance safety

Home Appliance Safety 101

Get to know the safety hazards of the machines that you use around the house every day.

fitness goals

How to Stick to Your Fitness Goals

Setting fitness goals is easy. Sticking to them is the challenge. These methods, tips and tools make accomplishing your fitness goals a little easier.

gas emissions

Greenhouse Gas Emissions See Largest Drop Since WWII

One silver lining of 2020 was the drop of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.

home chef

Cozy, Balanced Winter Dinners

Comforting winter dishes, whether you’re looking for carb- or calorie-conscious, vegetarian or 30-minutes meals.

pet friendly vacations

Pet-Friendly Florida Vacations

When you are ready to travel again, consider bringing your best friend along to sunny Florida.

long-distance family holiday

Connecting With Long-Distance Family for the Holidays

This year, stay safe and celebrate the holidays with loved ones in new and creative ways from afar.

entertain outdoors in winter

How to Entertain Outside in the Winter

There’s no need to feel stuck inside this winter season. Enjoy some fun outside with outdoor heating.

visit florida

Top Outdoor Adventures in Florida

When you are ready to travel again, consider the many outdoor adventures in the Sunshine State.

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