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How Does Working From Home Impact Your Eyes?

Working remotely has increased the amount of time we spend in front of screens, causing extra strain on our eyes.

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10 Virtual Travel Days to Eventually Make a Reality

Travel virtually and get inspired for future real-life adventures.


9 Reasons to Love Your Eyeglasses

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Fun Games to Play With Kids

Keep your kids entertained with fun family games you can play indoors, outdoors and wherever your imaginations take you.

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10 Ways to Make Sure Your Road Trip Is Not Boring

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Build a Better Salad: Tips for Making the Best Salad Ever

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Feng Shui Basics for a Harmonious Home

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7 Ways to Save Money When You Have Kids

Having children isn’t cheap, but there are ways to save on activities, necessities and planning for their future.

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Making Your Home Digital Assistant Work for You

To get the most out of your Alexa, Google Home or other home digital assistant, check out these tips.

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Instagram-Worthy Walls of the Northeast

Whether they’re in your city or a road trip away, these selfie walls and outdoor murals are worth seeking out.