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4 Car Repairs to Make Before It’s Too Late

Paying for car repairs is about as much fun as a trip to the dentist. And, like the dentist, some people will go to great lengths to avoid a trip

fir pit safety

How to Bypass Barbecue Hazards

Avoid a summer shindig that’s memorable for the wrong reasons with these outdoor party safety tips, risks and remedies.

Don’t Break the Bank on Unexpected Car Repairs

Unless you’re rich Uncle Pennybags, spending $600 on car repairs is a tough pill to swallow. Unfortunately, that’s the going rate for the average car repair bill today, according to

Tips on How to Use a Roundabout

Some drivers hate roundabouts. But a circular intersection benefits drivers in many ways. It reduces traffic congestion and lessens the types of crashes that kill or injure people by about

Howie Mandel’s 1969 Chevy Bel Air

Canadian-born Howie Mandel is an actor, comedian and television personality known for hosting the popular game show “Deal or No Deal.” After beginning his career in stand up, Mandel starred

Keep an Eye on These 3 Car Parts As Your Car Ages

Even the most reliable cars depreciate over time. Here are three parts to keep an eye on as your car ages. Water Pump This part circulates coolant throughout the engine

Ricky Whittle’s 2005 Dodge Ram

Born in northern England, actor Ricky Whittle is a former model who has starred in hit TV shows including The CW’s “The 100” and “Mistresses” on ABC. His latest show,

Top Teen Driving Tips from a Teen Expert

Four years ago, Shelby Fix, The Car Coach 2.0, lost a friend in a car crash that involved texting while driving. “It really hit home,” said Shelby, the daughter of


Ready Your Motorcycle for the Road

The do’s and don’ts of preparing your motorcycle for the open road.

4 Projects That Will Make Your Car Look and Smell Amazing

Get in the spring spirit by cleaning the inside of your car. Here are four car cleaning projects that will make your vehicle look and smell amazing. For best results,