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There’s no place more important to you or your family than your home, which is maybe why you’re always trying to improve it. Home improvement isn’t just fun, it’s a way of making your lived spaces your own. Your AAA has tons of tips and tricks about easy DIY projects, landscaping and gardening, repairs you can make yourself and tons of other ways to make your home your own.

With Your AAA, you can learn things like how to make a small living space work for you. Learn about dividing your space, making use of mirrors and how bright colors can be used to make small living spaces look far bigger. You can also get tips on how to add a finished basement to your home. Go over some of the major elements of working towards a finished basement that you can use for your own remodeling project. We also have information for new home buyers, like tips on packing to move and things to look for in a new house.

42 Home Improvement Projects

Learn fun DIY renovation projects and how to protect your biggest investment – your home – with this free guide from Your AAA.

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Our Home section covers not only the inside of your house, but the outside as well. If you’re looking to be more environmentally friendly, you can learn about adding solar panels to your home. After all, solar panels are becoming cheaper and more efficient every year. You can also learn about home DIY projects that can improve your curb appeal.

Our articles on landscaping and gardening can help you get rid of common garden pests and grow the best lawn on the block. Learn lawn maintenance basics that can help anyone, like how long to grow your grass and at what intervals to water it. You can also get some tips and tricks on how to grow your own vegetable garden—whether or not you think you have a green thumb. Soon you’ll be eating as many home-grown cucumbers and tomatoes as you can carry.

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