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Credit cards have become a necessity in this day and age. In a time when everything revolves around credit, you need to know how to use credit cards wisely. Your AAA is here to help you with all of your credit card and security questions and issues.

Credit cards have become increasingly important in the digital age, as they’re used in almost every online transaction. Here, you can find articles about how to stay safe online. Because while online credit card transactions make many aspects of our daily lives easier, they also expose us to the risk of theft, fraud and abuse.

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With the help of Your AAA, it’s easy to stay savvy about credit card safety. Check out our articles about chip technology to see what major credit cards are doing to protect your information. You can also look at our pieces on password managers and identity theft scams to see what you can do to protect your information on your own.

The credit card life cycle is long and sometimes confusing, but Your AAA can help. You can get tips on how to understand your credit report, which, like having a healthy credit history, is important to maintaining your financial well-being.  Lenders use credit reports to make lending decisions, so your credit report is important in many spheres of your life.

Your AAA offers simple tips to avoid credit card debt, like building credit responsibility, paying off high interest cards, paying more than the minimum balance each month, and choosing the right credit card to begin with.

Here, you can also learn about the AAA Member Rewards Visa, a members-only rewards credit card from AAA. It can help you earn 3 percent cash back on your next trip, and you can also earn points at grocery stores, gas stations and more!

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