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What makes a river cruise unique?

For starters, passengers trade a massive ocean-bound vessel for a smaller ship that travels in much more intimate settings. While a traditional cruise ship chugs along the ocean before docking in a major Caribbean tourist hub, for instance, a river cruise navigates charming inland waterways on route to the heart of charismatic cities, where passengers can hop off and explore like the locals do.

In this section, read about the best river cruise destinations, the best cruise staterooms, luxury European cruises and more.

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For example, you can read about river cruises in France, among the hottest destinations for river cruising today. You can get an idea of where one of these splendid sails might take you, including the Louvre and Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, Pont du Gard and Lyon.

Maybe it’s your first time traveling to Europe and you want to see as many countries as you can. Then read about Rhine River cruises in Europe, the best-rated Danube river cruises and more. There are even Rhine River cruise deals available from AAA and its partners. In these helpful stories, you can get an idea of the typical (and believe me, it’s far from typical) river cruise itinerary.

Then, when you’re ready to book, you can read about specific packages from Ama river cruises, Uniworld cruises, Viking cruises, and many more.

Plus, since river cruising has become so popular, there are many new offerings from the world’s most popular river cruise providers. These include family cruise vacations that accommodate younger passengers while still giving mom and dad the breathtaking views they want and the creative shore excursions they desire.

We hope you enjoy learning about all the great river cruises and river cruise vacations available today. Let your imagination flow as you dream of sailing down a spectacular European river full of views that you will never forget!

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