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Is Your Home Insurance Ready for Winter?

With dramatic weather conditions such as snow, ice and strong winds capable of wreaking havoc on your home, having proper home insurance coverage in winter is essential.

Winter Damages Covered by Homeowners Insurance

In the Northeast, winter comes with snow, and sometimes lots of it. If your roof collapses or is damaged due to the weight of snow or ice from a storm, a standard home insurance policy may cover the damage. However, because it is the homeowner’s responsibility to regularly maintain and repair their property, insurance companies will review the condition of your roof before determining payout.

Standard homeowners insurance will also generally cover water damage or any roof damage that occurs as a result of ice dams, as well as wind damage.

Another threat to your home in the winter season are cold snaps. Water left standing in pipes when the temperature drops may expand with enough force to cause it to burst, leading to serious water damage if the issue isn’t immediately identified. Though damage caused from burst pipes is covered by most standard home insurance policies, you personally will be responsible for fixing the broken pipes and any costs associated with those repairs.

Before winter kicks in, take the right steps to safeguard your home against these types of risks.

And for any questions about coverage, contact an experienced AAA Insurance agent.

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What’s Not Covered by Homeowners Insurance

Home insurance for storm damage is a multi-layered system, as not all types of damage done to your home will be covered by your standard home insurance.

Flash floods caused by a sudden rise in temperature during the winter months can cause significant damage to your home that will not be covered by your standard home insurance policy, but flood insurance can be purchased separately.

Most damages not covered by insurance are due to homeowner negligence. These may include damages resulting from extreme cold due to failure to maintain a reasonable temperature in your house or failure to remove threatening trees and dead branches.

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More Winter Liabilities

In addition to the above risks, slips and falls on your property are always a possibility in winter. Such incidents are likely covered by the liability coverage that comes with your home insurance policy, but it’s a good idea to double check with your insurance agent. If you do experience an incident like this, help with potential legal aspects may also be included in your policy.

Is Your Home Insurance Ready?

By taking the necessary precautions and preparing your house for winter, you can avoid being tangled up in an insurance claim this winter season. Trimming threatening trees, shutting off your water and drain pipes, and cleaning your gutters are all things that can be done before it gets too cold.

If a winter disaster does strike, having the right home insurance coverage will help. Review your policy with your agent to be sure you’re ready. Talk to a AAA Insurance agent today.

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