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Winter Wind Is Nothing to Take Lightly

The ferocity of a winter storm is often judged by how much snow it leaves behind.

But powerful winds can cause some of the most significant damage. A blizzard warning, for example, is only issued when forecasters expect sustained winds and reduced visibility.

Here are some ways to protect your home against winter wind.

Trim Trees and Branches

Stray, wind-blown limbs can inflict serious damage on homes and vehicles.

Learn about insurance coverage for storm-related tree damage.

Put Outdoor Furniture Inside

Chairs, tables and umbrellas left on a patio can become dangerous projectiles.

Inspect Shingles

Unsecured shingles don’t stand much of a chance against a powerful storm. Consider having damaged or loose shingles replaced.

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Cover Windows

Securing your windows with plywood or aluminum roll-down shutters can safeguard them against debris.

Guard Your Garage Door

Not all garage doors are built the same. Some are rated for stronger winds. Have your door inspected by a professional to see if it will hold. If it won’t, replacing or reinforcing it could protect the door and the contents of your garage.

Get the Roof Ready

Gable roofs are particularly susceptible to high winds, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Owners of gable-roof homes should check to see if the gable frame has a dedicated brace and, if not, consider having one installed.

Review your homeowners coverage with a AAA insurance agent.

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