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Sweet Little Somethings for Valentine’s Day

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You don’t always have to go all-out for Valentine’s Day – sometimes it takes just a little something to make someone feel loved. Here are a few small Valentine’s Day gift ideas sure to brighten anyone’s day.

small valentine's day gift ideas

Romantic Message in a Bottle

Remind your special someone how much they mean to you with this tiny message in a bottle that reads, “You Hold the Key to My Heart.” Inside the bottle is a small, ornate key that represents your bond. Buy it here.

small valentine's day gift ideas

Personalized Wooden Music Box

Music is a beautiful way to express your love to one another. This rustic wooden music box, which plays “You Are My Sunshine,” can be engraved with a personalized message to your loved one. You can choose multiple fonts and two different places for your engraving. This music box will be sure to make the recipient happy when skies are gray. Buy it here.

small valentine's day gift ideas

Magnetic Poetry – Little Box of Love Kit

You can add your own love poems to your refrigerator with the Magnetic Poetry – Little Box of Love Kit. This adorable kit contains 72 word magnets that you and your special someone can use to make romantic word art just for the two of you. This is perfect for couples who live together and couples who love words. Want even more words? You can mix and match with other kits to expand your refrigerator vocabulary. Buy it here.

small valentine's day gift ideas

Letters to My Love: Write Now. Read Later. Treasure Forever.

Love letters are a classic way to share your feelings. But it’s not always as easy to write a love letter as it sounds. This Letters to My Love paper time capsule contains romantic prompts and beautiful stationary to inspire a dozen love letters. Ten letters are printed with unique prompts to get you started, and the last two are left blank for you to write whatever you desire. A gift of a dozen love letters will make any partner swoon. Buy it here.

small valentine's day gift ideas

Kissing Mugs Set

If you and your sweetheart are coffee or tea lovers, this Kissing Mugs Set is a whimsical small Valentine’s Day gift idea. The two cups fit together like a puzzle, and each comes with its own matching teaspoon. Safe to use in the microwave and the dishwasher. Buy them here.

small valentine's day gift ideas

Bamboo Bed Tray Table With Foldable Legs

Who can resist a sweet gesture like breakfast in bed? No matter how balanced a breakfast might be, you still need a table to put it on. Protect your romantic morning from crumbs and orange juice spills with this Bamboo Bed Tray Table With Foldable Legs. If you’re giving this tray as a gift, you better remember to put a delicious breakfast on top. Buy it here.

small valentine's day gift ideas

Nellsi Sunset Lamp Projection

Put on some mood lighting. The Nellsi Sunset Lamp Projection offers 16 different choices of ambient light styled with a saturated outer glow, like a sunset. You can adjust the brightness and sunset background as needed. It will make any room look cozy and dreamy. Buy it here.

small valentine's day gift ideas

MasterChef Chocolate Fondue Maker

If you’re looking for a special Valentine’s Day treat, there’s nothing better than chocolate fondue. This MasterChef Chocolate Fondue Maker is an electric fondue pot set that comes with 4 skewers and a serving tray for any marshmallows, strawberries or other scrumptious dipping treats. Buy it here.

small valentine's day gift ideas

Exclusivo Mezcla Large Flannel Fleece Throw Blanket

February can be cold, so why not snuggle up under something that’s as stylish as it is warm? The Exclusivo Mezcla Large Flannel Fleece Throw Blanket is a soft, extra-large blanket with a textured cable pattern. If pink isn’t your thing, it comes in seven other colors. Buy it here.

small valentine's day gift ideas - slippers

UBFEN Memory Foam Comfort Slippers

Keep your loved one cozy with these UPFEN Womens & Mens Slippers. With a rubber sole, breathable knit exterior and plush lining, these slippers also feature a high-density memory foam insole to make  them the most comfortable footwear in their closet. They come in a range of different sizes and five different colors. Buy here.

small valentine's day gift ideas - date challenge

Date Night Ideas: 35 Date Challenges

Stuck for new date ideas? Whether you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day, reignite the spark or just go on some new adventures, Date Night Ideas: 35 Date Challenges is the gift for you. This set features 35 scratch-off cards with unique and exciting date night ideas for you and your partner. It also provides information on how long the date will be, whether it’s indoors or outdoors, if you’ll need a babysitter and more. Simply pick a card from the deck, scratch it off and discover where you’re going together! Buy it here.

small valentine's day gift ideas

We’re Not Really Strangers Card Game

We’re Not Really Strangers is a card game that dives deep. This “purpose-driven” card game is filled with prompts to get to know the other player more, be it a friend, family member or romantic partner. Through three levels of play, you’ll laugh, learn new things about each other and deepen your bond. You could play it safe or play to grow – the choice is yours. Buy it here.

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What’s the best Valentine’s Day gift you’ve ever received? Tell us your story in the comments below.


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  1. It was a Friday. My husband and I worked in retail – different stores but in the same area, (near Boston, MA). He asked me out to lunch. It wasn’t until 3 PM when we finally got to go. Driving and driving, I didn’t know where we were going and he wouldn’t tell me. We were in Cambridge when we pulled into the fancy Hyatt Hotel. Not only were we going to lunch, but we were staying for a very romantic weekend! (He had packed a bag for me!). He’s been gone now for almost 8 years, but I will never forget it.

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