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Do’s and Don’ts for Driving in the Rain

Rain causes decreased visibility and slippery conditions that could be dangerous. Stay safe with these tips.

Be prepared the next time you’re driving in a downpour with these tips from AAA Car Doctor John Paul.


Turn on your headlights whenever your windshield wipers are in motion – it’s required by law in most states.


Avoid driving through large puddles, which can be deeper than they appear. Driving through one can damage important electrical components or force water into the engine, which could result in engine failure, Paul said.


Travel at a safe speed and do not exceed 45 mph. That will help keep you from hydroplaning, which is when your car slips and slides because the tires can’t displace all the water on the road.


Don’t be afraid to pull over during a major downpour. Just make sure you pull off the road completely.


Run your defroster during your trip to help keep the windows clear. This way you’ll be able to see and won’t be distracted by turning the defroster on and off.


If your windshield wipers aren’t clearing your windshield, don’t wait until the next rainstorm to replace them.

Visit for more tips on safely navigating through dangerous weather as well as other hazardous driving conditions

If it’s too dangerous to drive, don’t be afraid to stay inside. Here are some great ways to spend a rainy day in the Northeast.

  • malcolmg

    Also, wear sunglasses while driving in daylight hours. Polarized lenses are best, but any decent sunglasses will improve visibility significantly by reducing the glare from reflected light coming back to you from road spray. Don’t take My word for it. Just try it!


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