The 10 Most-Read Automotive Stories of 2021

Wondering what readers found most interesting, informative and entertaining? Take a look at our top stories of the year.
automotive stories

It’s the time of year for reflection, so we’re looking back at the automotive stories you, our readers, were drawn to most in 2021. We published more than 100 articles related to cars and driving this year. Collectively, they covered topics ranging from the future of electric cars to the history of the glove compartment and everything in between.

Just like the totality of our automotive coverage, the list of most-popular articles is quite diverse. It runs the gamut of practical tips on car care to a deep dive into the country’s preference for mundane-colored vehicles.

So, what stories piqued our audience’s interest more than the rest? Without further ado, here’s a list of the 10 most-read automotive articles of 2021.

10. Why Do Different Countries Drive on Different Sides of the Road?

Everybody knows some countries drive on the left side of the road, but does anybody know why? We went on the hunt for answers and the trail took us back some 2,000 years.

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9. The Most Common Car Maintenance Mistake, According to Your Mechanic

Who better to get automotive care advice from than a mechanic?

We asked a professional from one of our AAA Approved Auto Repair facilities about the simple car maintenance tasks that can go a long way toward keeping your car running smoothly. Readers gobbled up the information.

8. Should You Leave Your Windshield Wipers Up in the Snow?

“Should You Leave Your Windshield Wipers Up in the Snow” is a perennially popular article. Its staying power can likely be attributed to the fact there’s no clear answer to this question. There are pros and cons to both putting your wipers up in the snow and keeping them down.

automotive stories

7. Why Are Popular Car Colors So Boring? A Brief History of Car Paint

Believe it or not, once upon the time the roads were filled with cars painted in the full color spectrum. This article looks at the history of automotive paint dating back to the Model T in an attempt to discover how we wound up with the abundance of black and white vehicles we have today.

Our audience also seem dismayed by the lack of hues, as this story received the second-most comments of any story we published in 2021. Most were from readers recalling their favorite brightly colored set of wheels.

6. Tips for Avoiding Glare When Driving

There are few driving experiences worse, or more dangerous, than the sun shining directly in your eyes. This article provides a few tips on how to beat the glare for a more enjoyable – and safer – driving experience.

5. The Ultimate Guide on How to Defog Windows in Your Car

Sometimes the simplest things can be the most perplexing. Clearing the fog from your windows doesn’t sound like it should be a challenging task – until you try to do it. Like a pesky bee to a soda can, as our writer puts it, the fog keeps coming back.

No need to worry, however. Our car experts provide some do’s and don’ts on how to clear up the problem.

4. How to Avoid a Deer Collision

There are as many as 2 million collisions between cars and animals every year in the United States, according to the Federal Highway Administration. It should be no surprise then that readers were highly interested in tips for steering clear of deer on the roadways.

3. 100 Greatest Songs About Cars and Driving

What’s a car drive without some music? And what songs are more fitting than those about the open road?

We went back to the 1950s to compile 100 of the top songs about automobiles and the fine art of driving. There’s even a playlist included for your listening pleasure.

automotive stories

2. The Most Dangerous Roads in America

This article, highlighting a dozen of the country’s most hair-raising drives was a hit among readers – and even a few New York Times writers. Based on comments, it seems Maui’s picturesque Road to Hana was the most traveled among audience members, and they agree that looks can be deceiving.

1. The Worst Cars in History

Misery loves company, and readers came together to reminisce over the clunkiest clunkers of all time, making “The Worst Cars in History” the most-read Your AAA article of 2021. The story also received the most comments of any article, with readers recalling the worst four-wheeled machines they ever had the displeasure of driving.

What stories did you enjoy the most? What topics would you like to see covered? Let us know in the comments below!


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One Thought on “The 10 Most-Read Automotive Stories of 2021

  1. How about a story covering the meaning of speed limits on roads. As the population ages I’ve noticed older drivers on side streets going 20 mph or less on roads with speed limits much higher than that. Not only is it annoying and time consuming but it can be dangerous because other drivers may try to pass them on sections of road that they shouldn’t.
    I’ve seen older drivers comment on this site that a posted speed limit just states what the highest safe speed on a road is, I don’t know if that’s true or not, I tend to doubt that it is, but either way it’s irrelevant. If you insisted on driving at 20 mph anywhere you go then you’re as much of a road hazard as something who’s speeding. You’re also being very inconsiderate of others that you’re sharing the road with.
    I know that in some states you can be cited for driving too slow because it is a safety hazard. 15 or 20 mph in a 35 or 40 mph zone is unacceptable. If you’re no longer able to drive the speed limit perhaps you should no longer be driving, I know that’s a hard milestone to accept, my mother had to do it and it was very hard, but it’s part of growing older. Perhaps an article covering that as well would be useful.
    If you’re driving that slowly just because you want to then you’re just being inconsiderate, and that’s worse. By the way; I’m 64 years old so I’m talking about my peers….

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