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5 Questions With … Dana Laverty

Our resident copy editor and grammarian weighs in on sushi, John Hughes flicks and not taking 'no' for an answer.

Dana Laverty started working at AAA Northeast in May 2015 as copy editor and soon found herself trying to come up to speed, both literally and figuratively: She started her career at Providence HQ while hobbling around with a broken leg.

danaBack then, Your AAA magazine was a monthly tabloid and the website consisted solely of republished print articles. Dana wrote and edited stories for The Northeast Connection and the magazine, and also started working on the website once the club merged with New York.

Now she coordinates travel coverage for both the Your AAA magazine and Your AAA network, while keeping the magazine running on time, and reading almost all of the stories that originate in Brand & Content Marketing.

But outside of adherence to style guides and a deep appreciation for well-written prose, what drives our resident grammarian? We recently sat down with Dana to find out.

Q: What is your favorite food?​

A:  I love sushi and pretty much all Japanese food. It’s all so fresh and the portions are reasonable. I never walk away from a sushi dinner completely stuffed!

Q: ​What is your favorite movie?​

A: My favorite movies are “Pulp Fiction,” “Amadeus,” “Somewhere in Time,” all of John Hughes’ ’80s movies and the “original” “Star Wars” trilogy starring Luke, Leia and Han Solo. Fun fact: My daughter is named after Elise McKenna’s character in “Somewhere in Time.”

Q: ​Which season fits your personality best – spring, summer, fall, or winter – and why?​

A: Spring probably fits my personality best. I’m an eternal optimist, and spring is so full of hope and new beginnings. Plus I love getting outdoors as much as I can after the gray winter months.

Q: ​Do you collect anything?​

A: Books! I have so many books. I also have a 1920s Remington typewriter (it still works!) and love old bottles, newspaper and typographic tools like old dies and letters, and vintage Rumford Baking Powder goods. (I grew up in Rumford, a section of East Providence.)

Q: ​What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

A: The best advice I ever received was from a colleague at my first real reporting job out of college. I was griping about a particularly hard assignment, and he said, “You’re a reporter. Don’t take no for answer.” As a cub reporter just starting out, it really helped boost my confidence. It also taught me to look for alternative ways of doing things if I hit a roadblock, and to – nicely – never take no for an answer. Everything is (usually) negotiable, and all problems (usually) have solutions.

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