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Gas Price Report: Week of Oct. 7, 2019

Gas prices hold steady as demand begins to push lower.

The national gas price average remained at $2.65 this week, which is nine cents more expensive than last month, but 26 cents cheaper than a year ago. Most of the country is seeing prices decline or stabilize, with the majority of states seeing gas prices decrease by as much as a nickel since last Monday. But significant price jumps in California (+16 cents on the week) have pushed prices higher for motorists in the region.

“All regions are seeing planned and unplanned refinery maintenance, but it is only the West Coast that is really seeing gasoline stocks tighten and gas prices increase,” said Jeanette Casselano, AAA spokesperson. “On the whole, we are seeing gasoline demand mostly push lower amid stable, but healthy gasoline stock levels, which are ultimately keeping prices cheaper for most motorists.”

Today, 51% of all gas stations in the country are selling regular unleaded for $2.50 or less, while 77% are selling for $2.75 or less.

National average: $2.65

Local state averages:

CT: $2.67        MA: $2.57       NH: $2.46      NJ: $2.54         NY: $2.71       RI: $2.51

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Historical Context

This week in history: Oct. 9, 1936

Harnessing the power of the Colorado River, the Hoover Dam begins transmitting electricity to Los Angeles.

National gas price average in 1936: $0.19

Cost to fill a tank (1936/2019):

Chevrolet Suburban


Mazda 6


Subaru Impreza


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