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Gas Price Report: Week of Sept. 30, 2019

Gas prices begin to drop after two weeks of increased costs at the pump.

The majority of Americans are starting to see signs of gas prices trending cheaper just two weeks after attacks on major Saudi Arabian oil facilities. The national average decreased by only a penny on the week, to $2.65, but 10 states saw pump prices decline by a nickel or more.

“Crude oil prices have dropped close to where they were right before the drone attacks on the Saudi oil facilities,” said Jeanette Casselano, AAA spokesperson. “This is helping to push gas prices cheaper in most of the country.

Today’s national gas price average of $2.65 which is the same price as last week, and is seven cents more expensive than last month, but 22-cents cheaper than a year ago.

National average: $2.65

Local state averages:

CT: $2.69        MA: $2.59       NH: $2.48       NJ: $2.57         NY: $2.73       RI: $2.52

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Historical Context

This week in history: Sept. 30, 1955

Hollywood actor James Dean dies in a car crash while traveling to a racing competition. Dean was only 24 years old.

National gas price average in 1955: $0.29

Cost to fill a tank (1955/2019):

Ford Expedition 23.3


Chevrolet Equinox 15.6


Kia Niro 11.9


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  • Robert T.

    A friend of mine used to work at the loading area here in New Haven Connecticut where all the oil tanks are and the oil tankers come in. I asked him if the bombing of Saudi Arabia would make our gas prices Zoom and he said they might because of greedy companies, but he said that there is no need because there is plenty of oil and gas around. It was just like years ago when we had the gas crisis that the tankers could be seen sitting out in Long Island Sound waiting for the price of gas to go up and then they would come into the harbor to unload. Just like everything else in this country we get screwed on everything whether it’s what’s going on in Washington or whether it’s what’s going on locally.

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