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Spooky Treats for Halloween

spooky treats

No tricks – this list is all treats! For savory appetizers, snacks, sweets and themed cocktails, check out this list of spooky treats for Halloween-lovers of all ages.

Treats for the Kids

Here are some tasty creations the kids will enjoy eating – and helping you make!

Hot dog or meatball mummies wrapped in crescent roll dough are a Halloween classic, but have you tried jack-o’-lantern quesadillas? Turn a cheese, chicken or beef quesadilla into the Halloween icon by carving a face into a tortilla. Ghost pizza bagels are also cute and easy. All you have to do to make this ghoulishly good snack is cut cheese (or pepperoni) into ghost shapes.

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For a kid-friendly dessert, make a sheet cake or batch of brownies and let the littles help you turn it into a Halloween scene. Top the cake with candy pumpkins and add green frosting for vines to create a pumpkin patch. Or make a graveyard with tombstones made from chocolate bar pieces and little white chocolate ghosts.

Cake pops are always a hit. Follow your favorite cake pop recipe and decorate with chocolate and frosting to turn them into ghosts, mummies, pumpkins, skulls and other monsters. For older kids and teens, you can get a little creepier with fake blood spatter and spiders.

Scary Good Fruit-Based Sweets

If you’re trying to stay a little on the healthier side (given all the Halloween candy), try a sweet treat with fruit as the star.

Dip fresh strawberries and halved bananas in white chocolate to make them look like ghosts or mummies. Transform your strawberries into other creatures with a dot of orange food coloring for pumpkins, green for Frankenstein’s monster, purple/gray for vampires, etc. Use dark or milk chocolate to make bats and cats.

Still have leftover apples from your trip to the orchard? Turn them into these spooky “poison” candy apples. Dip the apples in melted chocolate to make them look like jack-o’-lanterns or add eyeballs to turn them into monsters. You could also quarter the apples to make silly apple bites.

Spooky Savory Snacks

For something spooky to nibble on, try these breadstick snakes. Careful, they look like they might bite back! These pumpkin deviled eggs and witch hat calzones are more cute than creepy. And if you like olives, these edible eyeballs and Jack Skellington ricotta olive tarts are worth a try.

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Daunting Dinners

For a spooky Halloween dinner, present a plate of eyeball pasta with a bloody red sauce. Use your favorite pasta or try a less-traditional black squid ink or green spinach pasta.

Stuffed peppers are another option. Carve your peppers to look like jack-o’-lanterns before stuffing them with your choice of ground beef, shredded chicken or a vegetarian filling.

Devilishly Delicious Desserts

If you’re looking to up the eeriness, these sweets take a bit of skill but are worth the chills!

Bake a creepy dead velvet cake or chocolate spiderweb cake. And for those who love red velvet cake, this sugary brain dip is to die for. If you like a bit of texture, try these crispy meringue bones or these crunchy boo-scotti.

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BOO-zy (and Non-BOO-zy) Beverages

Feel like a witch with a black magic margarita, or for something with a bit more color, try this green melted witch martini. Just remember to please enjoy responsibly and make sure you won’t be driving.

Nonalcoholic mocktails are equally frightful and fun for children and adults alike. Try worm juice or a vampire margarita mocktail.

And every Halloween drink needs a ghoulish garnish! Put a blueberry, raspberry or blackberry inside a halved lychee fruit to make an eyeball. For punch, create hand-shaped ice by filling a powder- and latex-free rubber glove with water, tying off the end and then freezing.

For more Halloween content, check out our Spooky Season page.

Which spooky treats will you be making this Halloween? Tell us in the comments!


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