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Explore the World With These Top Travel Virtual Reality Apps

With travel virtual reality apps, experiencing exotic destinations has never been easier. Check out some of the best.

travel virtual reality apps

Planning trips and visiting new places can get expensive, but not with travel virtual reality apps.

Virtual reality travel apps are a great way to see potential vacation spots before committing to pricey plane tickets and lodging, all without ever leaving the couch.

With devices like Google Cardboard (starting at $7) and the Oculus-powered Samsung Gear VR ($129), iPhones and Androids are taking their owners all over the map and into the future of travel.

So strap on a headset and view the world like never before.

Our favorite travel virtual reality apps


Download free on iOS

YouVisit is a well-designed virtual reality travel app specifically dedicated to virtual reality tours. The service includes 360-degree video as well as interactive panoramic photos. And unlike many other virtual reality travel apps, wearers navigate the YouVisit interface just by looking, no buttons or controllers needed.

While the service provides thousands of travel destinations, they also feature businesses, hotels, restaurants and even college campuses. This app’s got something for everyone.

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Google Street View

Download free on iOSAndroid
(Unofficial StreetView VR app (by YoutopiaVR) also available for Gear VR

Just like Google Maps, Google Street View can literally get you anywhere (well, almost) and it’s pretty awesome.

While there’s the minor setback of having to remove your devices from the virtual reality headsets in order to interact with the app, the navigation interface features an extremely user-friendly design.

With this travel virtual reality app you can zoom in and out of the map and simply tap to jump anywhere in the world. Or, you can click on the microphone icon and say the name of a place you want to visit. Google Street View even has voice-enabled group functionality, making it possible to experience virtual reality travel with friends and family.

Visit places you’ve never been before with company you can enjoy.

travel virtual reality apps

Travel virtual reality apps make it easy to explore and find what you need in new locales.

Discovery VR

Download free on iOSAndroid
Discovery  is starting a new chapter with virtual reality travel. The app features 360-degree videos on everything from science and wildlife to the Civil War. But the best part about Discovery VR is the immersive, feel-like-you’re-there, extreme experiences.

Just put on your headset and scuba dive into shark infested shipwrecks, zip line through remote canyons, or go free boarding on the windiest street in the world.

We’re expecting much more from Discovery VR in the near future, so stay tuned.

Honorable mentions

Samsung Milk VR

Download Samsung Milk VR directly to your Gear VR headsets and watch incredible 360-degree videos. Or, with the newly released mobile app, you can watch these interactive videos right on your Samsung mobile phone. Just pan and tilt the screen to look around.

Flickr VR

This app takes panoramic views to a whole new level. Simply snap a (compatible) Galaxy smartphone into the Samsung Gear VR headset and transport yourself through the world with 360-degree photos.

Sites in VR

Castles, religious sites, ancient cities and more! The Sites in VR app contains over one thousand, high quality 360-degree panoramic images. You can take virtual tours of landmarks all over the world, including Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and so many other fantastic destinations. Available in the Google Play app store.

Orbulus VR

With mesmerizing views of the Northern Lights, bustling firework displays in Hong Kong and even a trip to Mars, Orbulus VR is one app that is bound to take you far. Compatible with Cardboard VR.

Have you ever tried one of these travel virtual reality apps? What are your thoughts? Tell us in the comments.


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