Startup Raises $161 Million to Tackle the Retirement Industry

Learn about the no-cost service that's changing the way people retire.
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With more than 110 million Americans over age 50, it’s no wonder so many people are turning to SmartAsset for help boosting their retirement outlook.

Are you aware of the no-cost service offered by this $1 billion Princeton alum start up?

SmartAsset’s free, five-minute tool makes it easy to find qualified financial advisors in your area or who serve your area. Our exclusive tool matches you with up to three fiduciary financial advisors who have passed a rigorous vetting process.

Unlike broker-dealers, stockbrokers and insurance agents, fiduciary advisors are legally bound to work in your best financial interest.

Advisors are rigorously screened through our proprietary due diligence process.

Why Meet With a Financial Advisor?

It’s more important now than ever to review your retirement plan with an unbiased, fiduciary financial advisor. Here’s why: Economic growth won’t approach “normal” until as late as 2025, according to Bank of America’s Chief Investment Office. This could mean your current financial plan might leave you without enough money to last through your retirement.

Additionally, emotionally charged decisions to sell off large quantities of stocks or other investments now lock in your losses, removing any chance for future growth. Research suggests people who work with a financial advisor feel more at ease about their finances and could end up with about 15% more money to spend in retirement.

Find Your Financial Advisor Match

Have you considered how you'll withdraw your retirement income? A financial advisor can help.

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Consider this example: A recent Vanguard study found that, on average, a $500K investment would grow to over $3.4 million under the care of an advisor over 25 years, whereas the expected value from self-management would be $1.69 million, or 50% less. In other words, an advisor-managed portfolio would average 8% annualized growth over a 25-year period, compared to 5% from a self-managed portfolio.

Nearly 71% of U.S. adults admit their financial planning needs improvement. However, only 29% of Americans work with a financial advisor, according to a recent study.

Before this groundbreaking, easy-to-use tool, there was no simple way to quickly compare financial advisors. Hundreds of thousands of smart investors and retirees have already used SmartAsset’s simple, no-cost service to compare their financial advisor matches.

SmartAsset works with a robust network of financial advisors all across the U.S., including individual advisors and large investment firms to cater to anyone’s financial situation. CEO Michael Carvin says he expects the number of advisors to grow into the tens of thousands soon.

How to Compare Financial Advisors at No Cost to You

Our no-cost tool makes it easy to find a reliable, reputable advisor so you can make an informed decision and choose the right one for you. Now you can get matched with up to three local fiduciary investment advisors that are vetted and subject to our due diligence criteria. The entire matching process takes just a few minutes.

Chances are, there are several highly qualified financial advisors in your town. However, it can seem daunting to choose one.

Click here to get started.


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