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5 Questions With … Dan Tu

5 Questions With … Dan Tu

Dan Tu knows what really counts. And given his 20-year track record of providing data-driven insights for big brands, AAA knows it can count on Dan, too.

The director of marketing insights and analytics joined AAA Northeast in April, where he oversees the planning, development and execution of the numbers that inform our strategic planning and execution.

Prior to coming aboard, Dan worked at Comcast as its senior director of marketing intelligence and data strategy, where he served for nearly nine years out of its Philadelphia headquarters, leading performance management, analysis and data-driven insights.

Dan, who has a master’s degree in Applied Statistics from Rutgers University, started his career working as a CRM Project Lead for another big brand, utility giant PSEG. He stayed there for seven years before becoming the director of campaign analysis for ServiceMaster, helping to support the company’s seven brands (including the well-known Merry Maids), for six years.

It’s quite a resume, no doubt about that.

But if you think Dan is resting on his laurels or the gravitas of his resume, think again: He’s a futurist, always striving to learn more, and pines for at least one invention that doesn’t yet exist.

Q: If you suddenly had a 25 hour day, what would you do with your extra hour?
I would use it for reading. I always like to read and learn, but it’s hard to find much time to do that.

Q:  If you had the chance, would you go to space?
Yes, I would. That would allow me to view the earth as a whole and to probably have a different perspective about certain things in life.

Q: What do you wish somebody would invent?
A foldable all-in-one thin device like a piece of paper that would function as a phone, tablet, or PC as needed with variable screen size by unfolding and option to show different contents on different parts of the screen. It’d be so light, flexible, and easy to carry around. I know there are some foldable phones now, but they are far away from my dream device.

Q: If you could take a vacation to any place in the world right now, where would it be?
China. I haven’t gone to visit my family for three years. Previously I planned to travel last year, but the pandemic changed everything.

Q: What would you title your autobiography?
Hmmm … “Life From East to West.”

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