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Chasing Wisdom Around the World

Chasing Wisdom Around the World

Traveling is a learning experience. Every aspect of a journey – the culture, the history, the nature – holds many secrets waiting to be discovered.

Carol Lamb can attest to this firsthand, as both an avid traveler and an educator.

Lamb, of Plymouth, Mass., is a retired high school English teacher. When she isn’t spending her days as a substitute teacher at Plymouth North High School, she’s traveling around the world in pursuit of her next “adventure of a lifetime,” as she has for the past nine years.

Lamb has set foot on almost every continent, driven by her curiosity of what exists in the rest of the world, through trips all booked with AAA.

Sydney Harbour Bridge. (Photo: Carol Lamb)

Her wanderlust began with her husband, as they explored the United States together. After he passed away, she expanded her journeys into Egypt, Greece, Vietnam, France, Budapest, India, Scandinavia, Israel – her list of sojourns is lengthy, but each is filled with memories and stories she’s eager to tell.

“On every trip, I take about 3,000 photos, many of which I develop and share with students in the classroom, along with my tales of adventure.”

Lamb’s adventurous spirit has led to many unforgettable experiences. She has taken a lion for a walk in Africa, climbed the Sydney Harbour bridge in Australia, ate her way through a Christmas holiday market in Munich, Germany, hiked Machu Picchu, slept under the stars in Morocco and even taught a reading lesson to children in Cambodia.

Lion walk in Africa. (Photo: Carol Lamb)

“I prefer to experience life to the fullest by immersing myself in interesting cultures, touring breathtaking landscapes and sharing experiences with fellow travelers and those back home,” she said.

Next stop: Antarctica. Lamb can’t wait to tackle this chilly continent, exploring caves and icebergs, encountering vast penguin colonies and taking a polar plunge into the Antarctic Ocean.

“I can tell you that my adventurous spirit is looking forward to this chance of a lifetime!”

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