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U.S. Cruises to Restart in June 

The Celebrity Edge will set sail June 26 to the Caribbean from Fort Lauderdale.  

U.S. cruising

The Celebrity Edge will return to the seas on June 26.

(Photo: Celebrity Cruises)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has given the Celebrity Edge the green light to resume cruising from U.S. ports. The ship will set a course for adventure Saturday, June 26, from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., to the Caribbean.  

“Someday is here,” Celebrity Cruises CEO and President Lisa Lutoff-Perlo tweeted in the announcement.  

Captain Kate McCue, the first and still only American female cruise ship captain, will lead the fleet – and the industry – back into operation. 

captain kate celebrity

Captain Kate McCue will be at the helm when Celebrity Edge sets sail from Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Celebrity Edge will depart Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, setting sail on a seven-night cruise of the Caribbean. The CDC approved the cruise after the Celebrity Edge met new standards for providing a healthy cruise experience for its guests and crew. All guests over 16 years of age must be vaccinated against COVID-19, as will all on-board crew members, according to Celebrity Cruises. After Aug. 1, all guests ages 12 and up must be vaccinated. 

“For the past 15 months our conversations with friends and loved ones about seeing the world have been accompanied by the phrase ‘someday.’ I’m beyond proud and excited to say that day has arrived,” said Celebrity Cruises CEO and President Lisa Lutoff-Perlo 

On Tuesday, the CDC approved a two-day Royal Caribbean simulated test cruise from Miami with volunteer passengers. The CDC requires lines to perform a test cruise if less than 95% of its staff and guests will be vaccinated. Celebrity Cruises will require 95% of crew members and guests to be vaccinated, so it does not need to first hold a simulated cruise. 

Are you planning to take a cruise? If so, where are you going? Tell us in the comments below! And check out for all of your cruise-planning needs.

  • Michael J.

    Will passengers be required to show proof of being vaccinated?

    • Dana L.

      Hi Michael!
      You can find Celebrity Cruises’ requirements here.

      Thanks for reading!

  • Miriam B.

    I would not go on a cruise with unvaccinated passengers/crew

    • SHIRLEY A.

      Hi Miriam,
      I agree with you about not going on a cruise unless all vaccinated. If just asked, they could lie & say sure I was vaccinated. They should have to show their card with the dates on it.

  • Marilouise D.

    Is Celebrity Cruise the only company cruising. And are any other cruise companies requiring passengers to be fully vaccinated

    • Dana L.

      Hi Marilouise!
      Great question! The Travel team and I are looking into what lines require vaccination, and will let you know what we find.
      Thanks for reading!
      -Dana L.

  • Mitchell

    My Royal Caribbean Oasis of the seas departs July 30-Aug 8. I hope it’s still cruising. I hope with all the new guidelines that it’s safe. I feel anyone under 15 not vaccinated shouldn’t be allowed to travel. Every one else should be 100% vaccinated

    • Frances L.

      In total agreement. Just need one person to start another pandemic aboard ship.
      Even with being vaccinated negative Covid test should be required within a 48 hr window prior to boarding
      Or rapid testing at port
      The above guidelines will make me feel safe enough to consider cruising again sooner than later

  • Peter

    We are scheduled to sail on Royal Caribbean out of Miami on July 3rd for an 8 night cruise. RC is telling us they are still planning on sailing (as of 1 June 2021)

  • George J.

    I agree with the cruise lines (I’ve sailed with several of them) that before boarding everyone must be fully vaccinated with the recommended post-vaccination incubation period. I, too, will not sail on any vessel without mandatory vaccination requirements. Travel in health and safety!

  • Linda

    Vaccinated or not I will not travel on a crowded ship until 2022. It’s seemingly too soon for me.

  • I’m never travelling anywhere outside of home, work, medical appointments, and Church ever again. it’s just unsafe.

  • Steve U.

    I’ve heard that Florida governor DeSantis is going to sign until law a requirement prohibiting any businesses in Florida from requiring proof of vaccination. Will this law prevent cruise lines from mandating vaccination passports? I will not book a cruise out of Florida if this is the case.

    • Dana L.

      Hi there! The Florida law takes effect July 1. This article from the Orlando Sentinel does an excellent job of describing the current situation.
      Thanks for reading!
      -Dana L.


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