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Go on a Haunted Road Trip

For a bit of spooky fun, plan the haunted road trip of your nightmares!

haunted road trips

Witch House in Salem, Mass.

(Photo: Jennifer Boyer / Flickr / CC BY )

Whether it’s Halloween or not, do you enjoy the history behind the supposedly sinister or do you simply enjoy the thrill of a little scare every now and then? Why not test your courage and take a haunted road trip to one of the Northeast’s creepiest places?

We’ve put together a road trip planner to get you started on the ultimate Northeast haunted road trip, including locales that are either alleged to be haunted or made famous by history or literature.

St. Augustine Monastery

The legend at this Staten Island haunted road trip stop is that a monk, who was driven mad by isolation after being holed up in the basement, captured other religious followers of the monastery and tortured them. Visitors to the site will likely spot pentagrams and other occult symbols. Some who have strolled around the building allegedly heard mysterious moans and felt a freezing cold emanating from seemingly nowhere.

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Eastern State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania

This former prison site in Philadelphia has long been cited as haunted. The prison, which once housed notorious mobster Al Capone, is occasionally visited by videotaped ghost investigations led by experts that are posted on the prison’s web site. Daytime and nighttime tours of the facility are available.

Sleepy Hollow

Immortalized by Washington Irving’s “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” this Westchester Town is a top spot to visit, especially around Halloween. Aside from searching for the Headless Horseman, the town and surrounding areas host ghost and cemetery tour, and in the fall there’s a haunted attraction known as Horseman’s Hollow and the annual Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze.

Salem, Mass.

A must-visit for any haunted road trip in the Northeast! Famous for its 1692 witch trials, during which several locals were executed for allegedly practicing witchcraft, Salem offers tours of its historic homes, including the Witch House, which is the only structure in the town with direct ties to the trials. When it gets closer to Halloween, the city kicks off its “Haunted Happenings” celebration and other witch-related tours are available for tourists.

haunted road trip

The spooky Seguin Island Lighthouse.

Seguin Island Lighthouse

This isolated lighthouse in Maine is purportedly haunted by a former keeper who committed suicide after murdering his wife with an ax. She had allegedly driven him insane by playing the same song over and over on a piano he had given to her as a gift. Some visitors to the island have said they’ve heard the song faintly playing in the wind. 


This historic site was the location of one of the Civil War’s most brutal battles and is frequently listed as one of the most haunted sites in the United States. But regardless of whether you feel a supernatural presence during a visit to the site, Gettysburg is also obviously a great trip due to its historical significance. Candlelit ghost tours of the site are available.

Clinton Road

Located in New Jersey’s West Milford, this road has gained notoriety as a severely haunted location, where visitors have claimed to have spotted everything from witch gatherings to ghostly sightings, such as a ghost boy at the bridge over Clinton Brook and a ghost truck that tailgates drivers. Other rumors pertaining to Clinton include allegations that it’s a spot where professional killers dispose of bodies and that a conical stone structure along the road is a Druidic temple.

Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast

The home in Fall River, Mass. was once the site of an infamous double murder after Borden killed her parents with an ax. The inn’s hosts hold a recreation of Lizzie’s last breakfast and some visitors claim to have had paranormal experiences, such as being tucked into bed by an apparition.

Farnham Mansion

Located in Oneida, this home has been the site of numerous reports of supernatural activity, including claims that lights turn on and off as well as ghost sightings. The 19th century mansion, which was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983, was turned into a bed and breakfast and, in 2010, taken over by writer and antique dealer Gerri Gray. Paranormal investigations and guided tours are available.

Any great allegedly haunted road trip spots in the region that we missed? Let us know in the comments.

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