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Safety Tips for Driving in Bad Weather

When the weather is really bad, it’s a good idea to stay home. If you have to drive, here are some things to keep in mind.

It takes longer to stop on slick roads.

Drive slowly and increase your following distance from three to four seconds to eight to 10 seconds on slippery streets, so you’re ready to stop for traffic signals and objects in the road.

It’s harder to start after a complete stop.

If you can safely avoid stopping on a snowy road, especially while going up a hill, do it. Momentum is your friend in snowy conditions, and a little bit can make a big difference when a light turns green.

Hard braking can be dangerous.

Slamming on the gas or brakes in winter weather could cause you to lose control. Gently apply the brakes when needed, and if you’re driving your car downhill, proceed as slowly as possible and avoid using the brake pedal when you can.

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