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Get Moving – Right in Your Room

Get Moving – Right in Your Room

Being on the road for work or fun doesn’t have to mean giving up exercise or having to find a local gym. You can often get a good workout in your hotel – sometimes even right in your room.

Fitness consultant Jill Brown, who travels widely and teaches a variety of fitness disciplines, says you should contact your hotel in advance to learn about their on-site fitness amenities.

“Maybe they have something that you use regularly,” she said. “Sometimes, you’ll be surprised.”

Her favorite finds have included kettlebells and top-of-the-line spinning bikes.

Many hotels offer in-room fitness kits with yoga mats and other small equipment, and fitness channels on the in-room television. Hilton hotels even offer rooms with a mini-gym built in through its Five Feet to Fitness program.

To design your own in-room workout, Brown suggests plugging three exercises into a mini-circuit. Start with some stretches and gentle movements to warm up the joints you will be using, like the glutes, hips, hamstrings, spine and chest.

Next, choose exercises that work your core and legs (such as burpees), upper body and cardio (e.g. crab walking across your mat with a pushup at each end) and abs (maybe some jackknifes).

Not sure of the proper form?

“There’s no need to do any exercises that you’re not familiar with,” Brown said. “Take the exercises that you know you can do and put them in.”

You could also do jumping jacks, squats (or use a chair and sit and stand up repeatedly) and planks. Do each exercise for 50 seconds, followed by a 10-second rest break. Doing three sets will give you a sweet nine-minute workout to start your day.

If the rest of your day will involve lots of sitting, cool down with some lunges to stretch out your hips and some cat/cow reps (on hands and knees, drop your belly and lift your head, shoulders and hips like a cow, then drop your head and arch your back like a scaredy-cat) for the spine. This little tuneup will have you feeling ready for anything.

Do you have a favorite exercise routine? Share in the comments.

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