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Heat Up Date Night With Partner Workouts

Heat Up Date Night With Partner Workouts

The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends planning workout “dates” to bolster your exercise motivation. So why not set a time and a place for you and your partner to help each other stay healthy? Here are some easy moves to get you started.


According to the AHA, walking at least 30 minutes a day helps reduce risk of coronary heart disease, improves blood pressure and enhances mental well-being. Plan your route to incorporate hills, or find a local hiking trail to intensify your walk.

Hook squats

The AHA recommends strength training at least twice per week. This workout requires no equipment and strengthens your glutes and quadriceps.

Stand back to back with your partner, hook arms, and, using each other for balance, lower yourself into a squatting position. Your legs should be bent at a 90-degree angle and your knees should be directly above your ankles. Hold for 30 seconds.

Medicine ball twists

These are a great way to strengthen your core muscles. Sit back-to-back with your partner, one person holding the medicine ball (if you don’t own one, use any type of ball). Lift your legs off the ground, knees slightly bent, while leaning back against your partner.

Going clockwise, twist to your right to pass the ball to your partner. Then twist to your left so they can pass it back to you, keeping your legs raised off the ground. Repeat eight to 12 times.


If the gym isn’t the place for you, try the dance floor! Dancing is a fun way to get fit and make memories with your partner. This aerobic exercise has physical, psychological, emotional and cognitive benefits, in addition to improving strength, coordination and flexibility.

Any new exercise routines should be approached with caution. Consider your physical limitations and always consult your doctors.


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