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Useful Smartphone Features You Might Not Know About

Don’t miss out on any of the cool tech your smartphone has to offer!

smartphone features

As technologies advance, so do our smartphones. Today the computers in our pockets come equipped with a ton of outstanding features designed to make our lives easier, some of which you may not even be aware.

So instead of paying for an app, check your phone’s settings; capabilities like blocking ads, faster charging and wind-down modes before bedtime are now included.

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Samsung Galaxy S10

The brand-new Galaxy has so many cool, built-in features you’ll want to get your hands on, plus power that’s built to last. Galaxy’s All-Day Intelligent Battery optimizes battery usage based on how and when you use your phone, allowing it to smartly allocate the right amount of juice to last you throughout the day. And with Wireless PowerShare, your phone can be used as a charger for other Galaxy gadgets such as the Galaxy Watch, earbuds or other Galaxy phones; simply place them on the back of your device whenever you need a boost.

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Moto z³ play

The moto z³ play has the slim design that many of us are after, but it also has a feature called Moto Voice that lets you control your phone without touching it. You can use this feature by setting up a code word that you customize when you first set up your phone. When the device hears your code word, it essentially turns into a virtual assistant, like Amazon’s Alexa. You can ask your new assistant to do things like show the weather or your calendar, or more complex commands like searching the web, setting alarms or sending messages.

Google Pixel 3

Google’s Digital Wellbeing tool helps us control the amount of time we spend on our smartphones through the settings menu. If you’re constantly checking your phone for the latest text, Twitter mention or Instagram story update, this feature may help discourage smartphone overuse (hey, we’ve all been there). Digital Wellbeing allows you to set up a time limit per day for each app or app category, like entertainment, and then breaks down how much time you spend in it per week. The good news is that you can also add your child to your phone and set up limits for their phone use. Back to board games and books, kiddos!

smartphone features

Apple iPhone Xs Max

The iPhone Xs Max is packed with features that will take anyone a while to get up to speed on. One thing to get used to is that it uses facial recognition to unlock your phone, rather than your fingerprint. A popular new feature on this model gives you the ability to set up a second face for unlocking your phone, possibly your partner or an older child. Head to “face ID and passcode” in settings and tap “set up an alternative appearance” to get started. Just another way to make life a little easier!

Cat S48c

Not only does the Cat S48c have some incredible hidden features, but the phone itself is a little-known secret to many of us. Touting the ability to survive extreme temperatures, drops, water and common damage, it comes with the same toughness you’d expect from Cat’s construction equipment. It may not take a whimsical portrait or a slow-motion video, but it does have a 5-megapixel camera that works underwater and is waterproof for up to 35 minutes in four feet of water. So, if you’re a big adventurer, are in a line of dangerous work or are just clumsy and drop your phone a lot, this tough phone may be your new best friend.

Apple iPhone XR

The Apple iPhone XR, along with several other models of the iPhone will read any content on your screen out loud. This is a useful feature for when you’re driving or walking on the street and can’t read safety or without being distracted. This is an easy change you can make in general settings; simply click “accessibility,” “speech,” “speak screen” and voilà! When this feature is enabled, you can open any amount of text (hello, long-winded email) and drag two fingers from the top of the screen to get the reading started. You can also control the speed of the voice and the language. This is a great feature for anyone who is practicing a new language!

LG V40 ThinQ

Capturing a screenshot is the simplest way to save anything on your screen. By simply pressing the power and volume buttons simultaneously, you can save anything from subway directions to that quote you want to remember. While this feature is not new, the V40 ThinQ now allows you to save a portion of your screen via the “floating bar” in general settings. Make sure the screen capture is on too. Once activated, simply go to the screen you want to save and tap the arrow to expand the floating bar, and then tap the crop icon to capture just a portion of your screen. This is handy if you don’t want to share too much information from a screenshot, like if you’re having an issue with your banking app and need help but don’t want to share personal information.

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