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AAA Members Get Free ID Protection Services From Experian

According to a recent Harris Poll survey, almost half of Americans think it is somewhat likely they will be victims of identity theft in the coming year. And they may be right. Identity theft impacts millions of Americans every year, with financial losses reaching into the billions.

One of the valuable benefits of being a AAA member is our free ID theft monitoring protection. ProtectMyID Essential, which is fueled by Experian, includes daily monitoring of your Experian credit report, email alerts, lost wallet protection and fraud resolution support. In addition, AAA Premier members receive $10,000 in identity theft insurance.


Regularly monitoring your credit report is a great first step toward safeguarding your identity. You can also take these additional steps to protect yourself and your loved ones from identity theft.

• Never give out personal information over the phone or through email. If someone calls claiming to be your doctor, your bank or your credit card company, verify the phone number through an official source and call it back.

• Keep tabs on your credit report. If your personal information has been stolen, you’ll almost definitely see signs of it in your credit report. ProtectMyID provides a free Experian credit report upon enrollment and will email you an alert if there are key changes.

• Report potential scams to the Federal Trade Commission. It may not investigate every claim it receives, but it will document them to look for trends and signs of large-scale fraud.

• Discuss identity theft with your family members. Children, teens and the elderly are the most vulnerable to identity theft scams. Remind your family members not to share their personal information with callers, by email or on the internet.

Now read about known identity-theft scams and a AAA member’s experience with identity theft.

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