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Beauty Between Past and Present

A couple experiences picture-perfect settings and amazing food on a Greek getaway.


The harbor at Chania, on the Greek island of Crete.

(Photo: Danor_a / istock / getty images plus)

Amanda Coughlin and her husband, David, wanted to visit their daughter Jessica, a U.S. Navy member stationed in Crete. So, in Cctober they took the opportunity to explore the city of Chania, in Crete, and as many gorgeous wonders of Greece as they could.

“Even though our trip fell at the end of their tourist season, on days when it was warm and sunny the streets were very crowded,” Coughlin said.

Many things impressed the Boston couple, especially how the past and present often intersect in the ancient country. One of their hotels overlooked the Temple of Zeus, while their hotel in Athens was just a few blocks away from the Acropolis and other ruins.

“It was amazing to see the modernity of city life built up around these majestic memorials of ancient society,” Coughlin said.


And, in Chania, the Coughlins enjoyed the clear waters, hiking and a glass-bottom boat ride on the main port.

Of course, traveling around Greece also means one has to try all the food and drink available, and the Coughlins certainly dug in. They sampled everything from gyros and fresh seafood to more traditional dishes like dakos, bread slices topped with tomatoes, feta cheese and herbs; moussaka, a rich dish layered with eggplant and meat; and souvlaki, marinated meat skewered and roasted over a grill.

“Everywhere we went, the food was amazing,” Coughlin said.

And one possibly can’t visit the Mediterranean area without taking the time to indulge in the picture-perfect views.

“It surprised us that the photos we took looked exactly like the postcards and other professionally done photos of the area. No staging or doctoring needed,” Coughlin said.

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