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The Best Road Trips for Convertibles

These are the scenic road trips you'll want to take the roof down to enjoy.

road trips for convertibles

The winter months are behind us and it’s finally time to break out that convertible and enjoy the sun in your face and the wind in your hair. Even a trip around town is more fun in a convertible, but there’s nothing quite like taking one out for a road trip. Here are the best road trips for convertibles sure to keep you smiling all summer long.

U.S. 1, Florida Keys

Head for the Florida Keys to get the most out of your convertible while the summer sun shines. Once you leave the mainland there’s a 120-mile stretch of road that takes you through a chain of little islands dotting the ocean.

Open water surrounds you as you drive from island to island and soak in the Florida sun. The route also includes 7 Mile Bridge, which is one of the longest bridges in the world.

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Pacific Coast Highway, California

The Pacific Coast Highway is the quintessential west coast road trip and it’s perfect for convertibles. It offers a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean with plenty of opportunities to stop and explore the cities and towns along the California coast.

The 332-mile section from San Francisco to Santa Barbara has something for everyone. Enjoy unique shops, restaurants of every kind, beaches and incredible views of the bluffs that will have you pulling over to snap the perfect seascape picture.

U.S. Route 9, New York

U.S. Route 9 will take you all the way from Delaware up to the Canadian border. It’s a beautiful 300-mile trek, but the stretch that runs through New York is particularly picturesque.

You’ll find farmers markets throughout the countryside along with grand estates from the Gilded Age. Sure, you could take the interstate and get to where you’re going faster, but then you’d miss out on the scenery, quaint towns and restaurants perfect for grabbing a bite when you need a break.

best road trips for convertibles

Route 66, Illinois

No list of road trips in the U.S. would be complete without the famous Route 66. Much of the original route is long gone, but you can still experience this famous road uninterrupted for roughly 300 miles from Chicago to St. Louis.

Think classic American road trip for this one. Stop at a diner for burgers and fries and take in quirky roadside attractions you won’t find anywhere else. The interstates might be the quickest way to get across the country, but roads like this remind you why it’s sometimes better to take the long way.

The Kancamagus Highway, New Hampshire

It might be difficult to pronounce – just call it “the Kanc” like the locals – but this twisty road that runs between Conway and Lincoln, N.H., is the perfect place to enjoy the drive in a convertible. It winds its way through the White Mountain National Forest with plenty of overlooks where you can stop and soak in the view.

There are lots of places to get out and stretch your legs on trails for hikers of every skill level. Stop for a picnic lunch along the Swift River and relax to the sound of the rushing water as you take in the mountain landscape.

Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia

The Blue Ridge Parkway covers nearly 500 miles from Virginia to North Carolina and it’s a stunning journey. The winding road takes you through the woods and along burbling streams complete with waterfalls.

During the spring, wildflowers add pops of color to this scenic drive. The view is equally spectacular in the fall when the leaves change. On a mild fall day, a ride through the Blue Ridge Parkway with the top down lets you enjoy the weather before winter arrives.

Hana Highway, Hawaii

If ever there was a place perfect for a convertible, it’s Hawaii. Make the most of your vacation and rent a convertible for a drive along the Hana Highway in Maui. At 38 miles it’s not a long route, but you can easily spend a day stopping and exploring along the way.

This trip is a true joy for those who love to drive along steep terrain and one-lane bridges. The view is breathtaking with roadside waterfalls and greenery at every turn.

Park Loop Road, Maine

Acadia National Park in Maine is home to the 27-mile Park Loop Road. This drive takes you along the rocky Maine coast up to the top of Cadillac Mountain. It’s a scenic drive that can get busy in the summer months, but that just gives you more time to slow down and enjoy the drive.

This a true nature-lover’s drive. Lush forests make a stark contrast to the brilliant blue Atlantic Ocean and rocky shoreline. Drop the top and take it all in.

Hells Canyon, Oregon

This somewhat unknown route shows off the deepest river gorge in the country, Hells Canyon, with a 208-mile drive that winds through northeast Oregon. Enjoy your journey through the Wallowa Mountains, which has more than 19 peaks that rise over 9,000 feet.

This is a twisting route that’s made for enjoying with the top down as you traverse narrow and twisting roads perfect for a sporty ride.

The Tunnel of Trees, Michigan

Head north to Michigan Route 119 and you’ll discover The Tunnel of Trees. Start out in Traverse City, drive through the towns of Petoskey and Cherelvoix to this narrow road path through the trees.

It’s a 27-mile stretch designed to be taken slowly. While trees line one side of the road, the opposite side gives glimpses of Lake Michigan. It’s a beautiful drive on a summer day or on a mild fall day when you can take in the foliage and enjoy sweater weather.

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