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Massachusetts Heroes Set Traffic Safety Examples Worth Following

December 18, 2017. AAA Staff

The world may never know what it would take to force Doris Frizzell from her position as a crossing guard at Shaughnessy Elementary School in Lowell. Despite bouts of inclement weather and dangerous traffic conditions – the school is located in one of the city’s busiest areas – Frizzell has spent the last 12 years…

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Healthy Dishes: Yummy Recipes with Healthful Benefits

October 01, 2017. Cassandra Raposo

Fill your diet with superfoods that address women’s health concerns with these flavorful and healthy dishes. 1. Savor the flavor When thinking of building strong bones, a cheesy Italian meal probably doesn’t come to mind. But this spinach and ricotta cannelloni from the National Osteoporosis Foundation is loaded with nutrients such as calcium, iron and…