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AAA Traffic Safety Heroes Turn Tragic Stories Into Powerful Messages

January 16, 2020. Ellis Einhorn

Two inspiring individuals are honored for their work to keep our roads safer.

Health & Fitness

8 Fitness Classes to Try This Year

December 20, 2019. Dallas Ernst

Staying dedicated to regular exercise is not easy but it doesn’t have to be boring. Take a class and have fun while getting fit.


8 Great Language Learning Apps

September 26, 2019. Ellis Einhorn

Learning a new language can be tough. Ditch your flash cards for these effective apps.

Health & Fitness

Retro Exercises That Deserve a Comeback

September 16, 2019. Rebecca Galib

Grab a sweatband, cue up your oldies playlist and check out these retro exercises that deserve a comeback.

Health & Fitness

De-Stress at Your Desk

July 23, 2019. Molly Clark

Hunched over a computer all day? Simple stretches can ease your aches and pains.


Exercise Your Mind With Mobile Brain Games

May 15, 2019. Peter Vey

Make the most of your screen time by exercising your mind with these mobile brain game apps.

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Health & Fitness

Get Moving – Right in Your Room

March 19, 2019. Christina Elston

No gym? No problem. These hotel workouts will get your heart pumping.

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Air Travel

From Paris to Prague to Poland

January 13, 2019. Aimee Carrier

A tour of central and Eastern Europe made an impact on Lynda Takoudes, in more ways than one.

Health & Fitness

The Best Fitness Trackers for Improved Health

September 20, 2018. Ashley Richardson

The newest and best fitness trackers on the market do so much more than track your steps.

Health & Fitness

A Head-to-Toe Guide for Your Warm-Weather Well-Being

May 14, 2018. AAA Staff

You need to protect yourself from head to toe if you want to make the most of the year’s longest and warmest days. Here’s a quick primer.