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Real to Reel Film Series: “A Place at the Table”

September 24, 2018. AAA Staff

See “A Place at the Table,” featuring Jeff Bridges, Tom Colicchio and Raj Patel in this examination of the issue of hunger in America, focusing on the plight of three…

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Healthy Kids Day

August 16, 2018. AAA Staff

Bring the whole family out to Healthy Kids Day, where kids and parents can participate in active, educational activities and learn how to live a healthy lifestyle every day. Activities…

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Substitutes for Vegetable Oil and Other Healthy Eating Alternatives

September 20, 2018. Ashley Richardson

Eating healthier begins with making smart choices. Start by trying these substitutes for vegetable oil and reducing your intake of artificial sugars and salt.

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Please Your Pet’s Palate With These Paw-some Recipes

July 17, 2018. Cassandra Raposo

The saying goes that our pets are like our children, and we always want the best for our children, right? Whether you want to introduce healthier snacks into your pet’s…

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8 Superfoods That Can Boost Your Health and Help You Live a Longer and Happier Life

July 16, 2018. AAA Staff

Learn all about the best foods for you and why they are the healthiest.

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Three Simple Ways to Boost Your Health in 2018

December 18, 2017. Christina Elston

New Year’s resolutions are fun, but your health is a year-round thing. So instead of breaking promises to yourself by mid-March, pick up three simple habits that will stick with…

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10 Ways to Avoid College Weight Gain

July 31, 2017. AAA Staff

It’s common to put on a few pounds when you first start college. Follow these tips to avoid the dreaded freshman 15.


10 School Backpack Essentials

July 31, 2017. Christina Elston

Your child’s backpack is a kind of bridge between home and school, a place to carry essential supplies. But carrying around a pack all day can take its toll. Help your child start the school year off right with a backpack that fits correctly and fill it with all the necessities.

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Boost Your Breakfast

June 01, 2017. Christina Elston

It might not be the most important meal, but breakfast can be the most predictable if you’re traveling, making it one of the easiest times to eat healthy. “It starts…

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Foods That Punch up Immunity

April 01, 2017. Christina Elston

A sturdy immune system is important for warding off the barrage of viruses and bacteria that we face everyday. To keep yours in top shape, go with your gut.