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Cars & Trucks

Senior Drivers Using Potentially Impairing Medications

May 03, 2019. Andrew Sheldon

AAA Foundation finds that nearly 1 in 5 older drivers uses medications that should be avoided.

Health & Fitness

Follow These Medicine Reminder Tips and Never Miss a Dose Again

January 20, 2019. Nick Tavares

Do you take daily medication? Remember your daily dose and stay on top of your health with these helpful tips.


Learn About These Helpful AAA Senior Resources

January 09, 2019. Sarah Hopkins

Seniors that are AAA members have access to many different benefits that can protect their independence, health and bank account.

Health & Fitness

17 Signs You Need a Vacation

December 28, 2018. Marisa Perjatel

If you recognize more than a couple of the following signals, it’s time for a vacation!

Health & Fitness

How to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

September 03, 2018. Marisa Perjatel

Vision is a precious asset. Take care of your eyes with these simple tips.


Mix Food and Play With These Purr-fect Pet Toys

July 17, 2018. Cassandra Raposo

Pets need a lot of things from their owners, like food and exercise. Food puzzles – feeding stations that require your pet to solve a puzzle in order to get food or a treat – provide a bit of both. Pet stores often carry such enrichment toys, and some can be found online. But you…

Home & Life

10 Places Worth Checking Out on College Campuses

July 31, 2017. AAA Staff

Becoming familiar with each of these campus spots as soon as possible will be valuable on the road from freshman to alum.