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July/August 2020 • Table of Contents

We rounded up five Northeast rambles with scenic vistas that are just perfect for late summer and the upcoming foliage season. Lace up your walking shoes, blaze your own trail and discover all the beauty available to you right in your own backyard.


A good walk is balm for the soul ... and all the more better if there's a beautiful view.

Drowsy driving is just as dangerous as driving while drunk.

Long before he became the author of the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” series, Jeff Kinney cruised Main Street in a Plymouth Reliant.

Test drive: Nissan Kicks

These two models are virtually guaranteed to produce smiles.

fun without spending money

Don't let a price tag come between you and a good time. These activities will keep you entertained for free.

windshield damage

A damaged windshield not only affects your ability to drive safely, it weakens the structural integrity of your vehicle. Here's how your windshield may be getting damaged.

unnecessary spending

Growing your savings starts with curbing superfluous purchases.

wyndham florida hotels

Where to stay and where to play on your beachside getaway.

road trips for families

Enjoy every moment of your next road trip, including the time spent in the car, with these tips.

financial literacy

Successfully navigate the confusing world of finance by boosting your vocabulary.

digital workouts

Want to stay in shape without leaving the comfort of your own home? The internet can help.

money podcasts

Where to tune in for advice on how to save money, pay off debt or retire early.

road trip car

Road trips are the ideal way of vacationing this year. But what type of car fits your traveling style?

windshield chip crack

A damaged windshield is not something to take lightly. Even the smallest cracks can lead to big problems.


From improving your vision to expressing your personality and style, there are so many reasons to celebrate your specs.

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