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September/October 2020 • Table of Contents

Some people will go to great lengths to get the best shot to share on social media, sometimes putting themselves in harm’s way. Learn about the surprising dangers of careless selfie-taking and, as the National Park Service says, how to “keep safety in the picture.”


selfie safety

Distraction is a major cause for selfie-related accidents. Don’t risk it all for the shot.

Test drive: Mazda MX-5 Miata

We recommend rolling down a curvy stretch of road in one of these beauties.


Relax, unwind and enjoy all the beauty that the Green Mountain State has to offer.

money market account

The unique features of a money market account could make it an ideal financial tool for you.

avoiding the dentist

Open wide and side say “yes” to regular dental visits.

windshield recycling

What happens to your windshield after it has been replaced?

hobby job

How to make money while doing what you love.

fun workouts

Upbeat, high-energy and unique workout classes that are so much fun you'll forget you're exercising.

aaa lenscrafters

Working remotely has increased the amount of time we spend in front of screens, causing extra strain on our eyes.

Letchworth State Park - scenic locations

From mountain tops to cliffs to shorelines, these are some of the most scenic locations in the Northeast.

Buena Park is home to a diverse and award-winning culinary scene – and the boysenberry.

lifestyle coach

Whether you’re looking to make a change, get more organized or reach a specific goal, it can help to have a lifestyle coach who’s on your side.


We've come a long way from window glass that did more harm than good.

pension vs 401k

Pensions provide more security but are hard to come by. A 401(k) offers more control over your money.


On the job or at play, shield your eyes from injury by investing in the right protective eyewear.


Saving is especially difficult during rough financial patches, but you can still make smart money moves.

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