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Your home is the most important place in your world—and it’s often your most valuable asset. Homeowners insurance is absolutely essential, but it’s often a confusing topic to learn about. Luckily, Your AAA is here to help with articles about how to protect and insure your home and those who live there.

Owning a home comes with a certain amount of responsibility, since homes are filled with insurance risks. Your AAA can help you recognize and mitigate those risks with our insurance risks by room series. It’s important to plan and protect yourself before an accident in your home or other sorts of damage. Home insurance helps you do that.

Learn if your home insurance is ready for the winter season, and find out if it can protect you from a lightning strike.

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One of the ways you can protect yourself and your home is with comprehensive personal liability. Comprehensive personal liability makes sure that your personal finances do not suffer if you are found liable for an accident or other mishap. It is important to not only be covered for all sorts of liabilities, but to know exactly how you are covered.

Your AAA also has tips on how to keep your home safe, like our security recommendations for how to keep your home safe while you’re away from it. You can learn valuable tips like locking your doors, asking your neighbors for help, avoiding posting your address online and many more.

You can also read about the benefits of making a home inventory video as a way to keep track of your possessions in case of an insurance emergency. A video is a great way to show your possessions for your homeowners insurance.

Read about tips on setting up a mortgage, or look into the difference between mortgaging a house and renting one.

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