About Us

AAA may be more than 100 years old, but that doesn’t mean we’re resting on our laurels.

We’re always moving forward, looking for new ways to serve our members, make your lives easier and save you money. And we’re thrilled to announce that Your AAA Magazine is about to be smarter, faster and more powerful than ever.

Welcome to the upcoming launch of the brand new Your AAA Network, home of Your AAA Magazine. It’s the same magazine you’ve come to love in print, now delivered as an HTML, mobile-friendly magazine. You’ll also discover Your AAA Daily, a daily email newsletter full of tips, deals and even Your AAA Calendar, your place for up-to-date local event listings.

In the 21st century, there’s no need to sit around waiting for information to trickle down to you. Your AAA is harnessing the power of the digital age to deliver everything you already enjoy from Your AAA Magazine – but you get it every day, offering instant savings, ideas and news you can use.

Here’s how the new Your AAA digital magazine will help you live a better life!

But when our great tips, info and news are available to you in a mobile-friendly web magazine that you can search and access on any browser and any device, you’ll be able to…

• Spend less time reading and more time enjoying Your AAA benefits
• Take advantage of up-to-the-minute deals on travel, dining and even insurance
• Enjoy the absolute latest community events, new restaurants and more with our timely alerts
• Get more out of AAA member benefits with the tips we’ll be able to send you daily
• Help the environment by not relying on non-sustainable trees to provide your AAA news
• Be smarter about cars, travel and finances with FREE AAA guides that are part of this new program

Don’t wait a month to find out what Your AAA has in store for you. Instead, access and search the web magazine archive at your convenience, on the device of your choice! Plus, spend just a few minutes each day with our bite-size email newsletter and take advantage of all the new deals, daily alerts and instant savings we can offer you digitally!

What will you do with your new Your AAA Magazine?

You know how it is. You’ve been reading Your AAA print magazine every month, and maybe you see a hotel deal here, or a cruise idea there. But you’re not traveling this month, so you fold down the corners of a those pages and set the magazine aside, to re-read when you’re ready to plan a trip.

But where is that magazine right now…did you leave it on the coffee table? On that bookshelf in the family room? Darn, you just know there was something in that magazine a couple of months ago that you wanted to follow up on.

But now it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind, and you never even think to take advantage of that hotel deal or check out that new cruise.

With the web edition of Your AAA Magazine and Your AAA Daily email newsletter, you can forget about folding corners and stashing paper magazines all over the place. You can highlight that newsletter in your email inbox, link to it in your calendar for later perusal, or simply search our entire web magazine archive for whatever it is you need, when you need it.

Best of all: We’re saving trees by going digital. And that alone is reason to love the web version of Your AAA Magazine.

On top of that, there’s a lot going on in your neighborhood that Your AAA just can’t tell you about in a timely way with the print magazine. So, Your AAA Daily will deliver instant alerts to new deals and special events, in plenty of time for you to enjoy them.

More, more, more

The benefits of this new web magazine don’t stop with timeliness, either. As you know, we’re constantly working with auto repair, retail, travel and insurance companies to give our members more and better deals.

And now that we’ll be reaching out to you every day, these partners are so excited by this instant new contact that they’re offering us all kinds of new deals just for you! That means almost every issue of Your AAA Daily delivers big savings on something you need or want – savings you just can’t get anywhere else!

PLUS, there’s more to this new digital AAA benefit than just the magazine and the daily newsletter. We’re also launching a set of FREE AAA Guides, entirely digital and accessible anywhere at any time! Here’s just a sample of the guides we’ve already published:

• 32 AAA Car Care Projects to Do Yourself … and What to Tell your Mechanic if You Don’t Want to DIY
• How to Manage your Money Better: Understanding Credit Cards, Insurance and More
• Fun Places to Visit in the Northeast: 202 Road Trips from New York and Boston

These are just a few of the new, invaluable guides we’ll be publishing in the months to come – all of them FREE and instantly accessible!

Same AAA, but better

The AAA membership you know and love has always been a great bargain. After all, you get best-in-class roadside assistance, access to a real-life U.S.-based travel agent and the security that comes with knowing you’re part of a well-established, 58-million strong organization that has spent more than 100 years looking out for its members’ interests.

And now we’ll be able to tell you much more about all these benefits and make them more accessible and valuable than ever! For instance, did you know that it’s not just your car that AAA can rescue: You can get two FREE bicycle service calls per year, up to 10 miles each as a AAA member?

Not into biking? You can also buy discounted movie tickets at your local AAA office. And we all know how expensive it can be to take your family out to the movies these days!

With the new Your AAA Network, all of these existing membership benefits are even better. Now we’ll be able to send you tips on bike safety, or info on the latest movie releases. You’ll be checking your email inbox every day with anticipation, wondering what great new savings or service awaits you!

And best of all …

• More than 100 years of AAA reliability!