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Cars & Trucks

100 Greatest Songs About Cars and Driving

The first car radio was introduced in 1930 by Motorola and ever since, music and driving have been inextricably linked.


The Best Cars for Older Drivers and Retirees

For the practical, the frugal or the dreamer, these are some of the best cars for older drivers and retirees.

top selling products

AAA Wishlist

11 Products Our Readers Love

The top-selling products recommended by AAA Wishlist over the years.

best-selling car honda accord

Auto History

What Was the Bestselling Car the Year You Started Driving?

There have only been seven different car models to top the annual sales charts the last 40 years. Did yours make the list?


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Food & Dining

Guide to Northeast Pizza Styles

From Neapolitan to Sicilian and everything in between, you can find a diverse range of pizzas throughout the region.


Food & Dining

Oyster Farming in the Northeast

A pearl of wisdom: Oysters from the Northeast are among the best in the world.



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bleisure travel

Air Travel

5 Inspiring Spots for ‘Bleisure’ Travel

Hybrid and remote work schedules are causing an increase in travel where work and play converge.

Ocean Cruises

Cruises Are the Inflation-Proof Vacations of 2022

Cruises offer all the aspects of a dream vacation for one low price, ensuring you get a great deal on your next getaway.

best luggage set

AAA Wishlist

Best Luggage Sets for Every Traveler

The right luggage could make all the difference when packing and traveling.

passport faq

Air Travel

Passport FAQ

From how long renewing your passport will take to how much one will cost, our Passport FAQ is helpful for seasoned travelers and adventure newbies alike.

Pro Tips on Taking Family Vacation Photos

Electric Vehicles

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cheapest evs 2022

Electric Vehicles

The Cheapest EVs of 2022

Buying an electric vehicle doesn’t need to break the bank. The six cheapest EVs of 2022 all have starting prices below $35,000.

AAA car guide

Cars & Trucks

Ford Mustang Mach-E Named Top Car in AAA Car Guide

Each winner named in the 2022 AAA Car Guide is either an electric or hybrid vehicle.

future electric pickup trucks

Electric Vehicles

All the Electric Pickup Trucks on the Horizon

Move over sedans and crossovers, electric pickup trucks are here! Get a look at the emission-free models coming soon.

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Auto History

The History of the Tow Truck

Like many great inventions before and since, tow trucks were born out of necessity. A century later, they are the backbone of roadside assistance.


Auto History

The Strangest Car Features Ever Offered

Coffee machines, mini scooters, record players, water balloon bumpers. If you can dream it, it's been offered in a car.