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pedestrian death
gas pedal sticking

Cars & Trucks

Gas Pedal Sticking: What To Do and How To Prevent It

A gas pedal sticking to the floor can be a scary situation. Knowing these steps can help you stop the car and get off the road safely.

Texting while driving

Cars & Trucks

Don’t Drive Intexticated: Dangers of Texting and Driving

Distracted driving can have devastating consequences, yet a significant number of drivers admit to using their smartphones behind the wheel.

colleges with the most beautiful campuses

Road Trips

Colleges With the Most Beautiful Campuses

From stunning natural landscapes to amazing architecture, these college campuses have brains and beauty.

older drivers

Cars & Trucks

Top Challenges for Older Drivers

Older drivers face physical and cognitive challenges that can make operating a vehicle more difficult. Here’s how to overcome them.


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Food & Dining

Spend A Moment at … Ocean House’s Gondola Village

Taking in the sights, snacks and surroundings at some of our favorite places.


Food & Dining

Shop and Cook: Cornbread Casserole

Shop and cook with an editor from Your AAA! This Thanksgiving side dish will have your guests coming back for seconds … and maybe even thirds.

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European Christmas Market Cruises, Nuremberg.
different types of cruises - river boat

Ocean Cruises

Whatever Floats Your Boat: Different Types of Cruises To Try

There are all kinds of cruises for all types of cruisers. Discover the many different seafaring options available.

heritage travel

Air Travel

Follow in Your Family’s Footsteps: Heritage Travel Leads the Way

Heritage tourism helps travelers better understand their roots – and themselves.

things to do on a cruise ship: NCL racetrack

Ocean Cruises

20 Over-the-Top Things To Do on a Cruise Ship

No doubt, cruise lines have been dreaming big and delivering. These are some of the most incredible activities and attractions at sea.

walt disney world evergreen

Theme Park Vacations

Disney World Hacks to Make the Most of Your Trip

Are you planning on traveling to Walt Disney World anytime soon? Brush up on these tips and tricks first.

Pro Tips on Taking Family Vacation Photos


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Cars & Trucks

What Are Your Dashboard Lights Trying To Tell You?

Do you know what all your dashboard lights mean? We decode the common symbols cars use to communicate with drivers.


Roadside Services

Find a Tow Truck Anytime, Anywhere

Don't wait until you're stranded on the side of the road. Learn what to do if you need a tow, including where to find a tow truck near you.

AAA Jewelry Insurance

Electric Vehicles

costs and perks of evs
ev payload

Electric Vehicles

EVs: The Heavier the Load, the Shorter the Trip

AAA research reveals Ford F-150 Lightning range falls with heavy loads.

Banning gas cars

Electric Vehicles

Northeast States Banning Gas Car Sales by 2035

Three local states have joined in the growing trend of banning the sale of new gas-powered cars.

ev charging station

Electric Vehicles

What to Know About Charging Electric Vehicles at Home

Installation. Cost. Charging levels. There’s a lot to understand about EV home charging stations.

electric vehicle maintenance

Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicle Maintenance 101

Though routine car care is still important, fewer moving parts makes for fewer maintenance concerns with EVs.


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Auto History

The History of the Tow Truck

Like many great inventions before and since, tow trucks were born out of necessity. A century later, they are the backbone of roadside assistance.


Auto History

The History of the Holiday Hess Trucks

Hess holiday trucks have been around for more than half a century. Over that time, they've become one of the most iconic toys ever made.