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Crossword puzzles first appeared in the mid- to late-19th Century. While the earliest examples were simple constructs aimed at children, the puzzles soon evolved into a more complex adult pastime.

In 1913, an English journalist named Arthur Wynne published what many regard as the very first “word-cross puzzle” as he called it, in an issue of the newspaper the New York World. It was an instant hit and the puzzles soon became a daily fixture of the paper.

More than a century later, crosswords have never been more popular.

Below are some crossword puzzles for your enjoyment.

Have fun!

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70s car

Crossword: 1970’s Cars

The cars of the 1970s were all about style. Test your knowledge of this era in automotive history with our new crossword.  

Crossword: Women’s Fashion

Fashion trends come and go, but some will be remembered for years to come. See if your favorite styles made it into our new crossword.  

Crossword: Cats

Meow! Celebrate your purr-fect kitty and test your feline knowledge with this crossword puzzle.  
train puzzle

Crossword: Trains

All aboard! Since the invention of the railway, people from all corners of the globe have maintained a fascination with trains. Test your train knowledge with this puzzle.  
80s music

Crossword: 80’s Music

Test your knowledge of this rad music era and see if your favorite artist made it into our totally tubular crossword.  
family in winter

Crossword: Winter Fun

From making snow angels to curling up with your favorite book, have some snowy and cozy fun with our winter-themed crossword.  
health crossword

Crossword: Health and Wellness

Crossword puzzles help improve mood, memory, and even help fight disease! Stay active and test your health and wellness knowledge in our new crossword puzzle.  

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