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Crossword puzzles first appeared in the mid- to late-19th Century. While the earliest examples were simple constructs aimed at children, the puzzles soon evolved into a more complex adult pastime.

In 1913, an English journalist named Arthur Wynne published what many regard as the very first “word-cross puzzle” as he called it, in an issue of the newspaper the New York World. It was an instant hit and the puzzles soon became a daily fixture of the paper.

More than a century later, crosswords have never been more popular.

Below are some crossword puzzles for your enjoyment.

Have fun!

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Crossword: Summertime

What do you love about summer? From better weather to longer days, get your summer fix in our crossword puzzle.  

Crossword: In The Diner

Some of the best diners in the country are located in the Northeast. See if you can guess the diner-themed clues in this crossword.  
memorial day flags

Crossword: Memorial Day

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer and a time to remember the fallen and honor their sacrifice. Celebrate by playing our new crossword.  

Crossword: At The Beach

As the weather warms up, let's get ready for a day at the beach! Play our new crossword to celebrate everything you love about the sun, surf and sand!  

Crossword: Cats

Meow! Celebrate your purr-fect kitty and test your feline knowledge with this crossword puzzle.  
mother's day

Crossword: Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is a special time to honor the amazing ladies who nurtured and helped us through life. Take a mom-ment to solve this crossword and celebrate everything we love  

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