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The road to being a fully functioning, thriving adult is full of bumps, blind corners, and dead ends. There’s so much to learn: whether it’s buying your first decent car, nailing that promotion, or planning a vacation without getting ripped off. It’s confusing out there, without much to guide you … until now, with this all-new educational podcast!

AAA has been helping people on and off the road for over 100 years. In each episode of Merging Into Life, host Amanda Greene shares stories from her own life about navigating the markers and milestones of adulthood. On this new podcast. she recruits family, friends, and experts from AAA and beyond to help her figure out how to meet life’s challenges without falling off the edge of the map.

Adulting is not easy – and we’re here to accelerate your learning and equip you for the smoothest ride possible. So, buckle up and hang on while we dive into this new adulting podcast, “Merging Into Life”.

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Episode 1: Buying Your First Car

Coming Soon: First Time Taking Your Kids to a Theme Park

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Coming Soon: First Time Getting Your Own Insurance

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Coming Soon: All About Installing Car Seats

Coming Soon: Taking Your First Road Trip

Coming Soon: First Car Repair/Service

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Coming Soon: Buying Your First House

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Coming Soon: First Pets!

*The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are not necessarily the views of AAA Northeast, AAA and/or its affiliates.