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Find a Tow Truck Anytime, Anywhere

find a tow truck

A tow truck is one thing we never think about until we need it. And try as we might, that need will come. It is almost inevitable that at some point, you’ll have trouble with your vehicle and will require roadside assistance from a tow truck service. When that time comes, it’s common to be in a stressed and panicked state. Knowing ahead of time how to find a tow truck can go a long way toward getting you and your car off the road in a safe and timely manner.

When dealing with a broken down car, there are a number of situations that require proper action, including getting off the road safely, requesting a tow truck service near you, and having you and your vehicle picked up and dropped off.

Here are the important things to know when you need to find a tow truck near you.

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What should I do if my car breaks down and I need a tow truck service?

If you’re driving and your car suddenly fails, slow down and pull over to the shoulder of the road. Make sure you are out of the flow of traffic. When you are in a safe spot, request roadside assistance. Look for street signs or, if you’re on a highway, mile markers or landmarks. This will help the tow truck driver find you.

Here are some other tips to prepare for your tow truck service:

  • Remain with your vehicle – under most circumstances it is safest to remain in your vehicle until a law enforcement officer or road service provider arrives.
  • Have your information ready – this includes your AAA membership number, the phone number where you can be reached, a description of your vehicle — color, make, model and year — and license plate number.
  • Verify your tow truck service provider – when your tow truck arrives, verify the name of the provider. AAA personnel should display an approved AAA emblem on their vehicles or produce identification.
  • Describe the situation – in addition to detailing the problems with your vehicle, make sure the service provider is aware of any circumstances that may require special towing or transport considerations, such as unusual vehicle, large number of passengers, infants and medical needs and whether your vehicle uses diesel or an alternative fuel.
find a tow truck

Does AAA offer towing?

Yes, as part of AAA Roadside Assistance, members have access to 24-hour tow truck service.

You can use the AAA app to find a towing company near you and track the driver as he or she is on his or her way. Download the app now.

How far will AAA towing take my car?

Those with a basic level membership receive up to 3 miles of towing per call per year included in their membership. Plus members receive 100 miles of towing for each roadside assistance call, while premier members get also 100 miles of towing per call with one tow up to 200 miles.

How can I find a tow truck near me?

Wherever you are when when your car breaks down, AAA will come to you. There are two easy ways to request a tow truck. One is by simply calling the number on your AAA membership card. You can also request assistance online. AAA’s digital roadside assistance request system is fast and easy to use.

What should I do after my tow truck service has taken possession of my car?

Tell the service provider the repair shop where you want your vehicle taken. If you don’t have one in mind, ask the operator if there is a nearby AAA Approved Auto Repair facility.

One member is allowed to ride to the repair shop with the tech in the AAA fleet truck, but both must wear facemasks. AAA can also help to arrange transportation to get you where you’re going safely.

Find a tow truck near you.


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15 Thoughts on “Find a Tow Truck Anytime, Anywhere

  1. I want a list of AAA approved towing companies in my state! I was broke down on a very busy highway. Tried to go through the app and use virtual assistant but it said I was more than 200 miles for assistance. I was 5 miles from my destination and new there was a AAA approved towing company 2 miles away! So I called the number on my card and the assistant said I would have to have my GPS coordinates. After finding and giving them to her she still could not find me. Being close to home I was able to call family to call towing for me. There are many places I go that does not have cell or internet capability. I just want a list so I can call them myself as talking to AAA was useless anyway! 2 years ago I had a family member killed on the same stretch of highway that I was broke down on. If I can’t get better service than this then I will cancel!

    1. Good Morning Fred, what is the facility’s name and address? We would be happy to check for you. Thank you – Aleshi

  2. Not sure if the “one member is allowed to ride” is accurate. Today, I saw things in the app that said up to two were allowed. After today’s truck showed up after 5 hours, the driver’s boss said that none were allowed, and the AAA phone rep says it depends on the company. FYI after mostly constant 40 years of AAA, today would have been the first not to allow it. He showed up too late to go to the repair shop anyway, so get to repeat again tomorrow.

  3. “While premier members get one tow up to 200 miles plus an additional 100 miles of towing”.

    Please elaborate. I pay the big money annually. Does this statement mean if I get towed a few miles one time within a year, I can not get towed 200 miles if needed? Thank you.

    1. Hi Patrick, thanks for the question. You’re right — the wording was a bit confusing. It’s been updated but here’s an answer to your question: If you’re a plus or premier member, you’re allocated four roadside assistance calls each year. Each of those service calls comes with towing up to 100 miles. Premier members, however, are allowed up to 200 miles of towing on one of their four yearly service calls.

      You can find more information on the benefits of premier membership here:

      Thanks again for reaching out and for being a member!

  4. If your going to cherry pick member comments and not post them. They can always be posted on Facebook informing the public of this practice!

    1. Hi and thanks for reading Your AAA. We strive to publish comments within 24 hours of submitting, so if you don’t see yours right away, check back and you should soon.

  5. Massachusetts “ The state will drop all coronavirus restrictions Saturday” 5/29/2021
    AAA has no excuse not to follow suit!

  6. You say… “ Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, that service has been temporarily suspended. AAA can, however, arrange transportation to get you where you’re going safely.” First the CDC guidelines have changed and so too should your policy be updated! Second if your policies will not change who is going to pay for that transportation to safety for the AAA member? Third AAA has raised it’s yearly rates which in itself is mind blowing giving the financial difficulties people are in during this pandemic. Even as we come out of the pandemic people are still in financial difficulty. Also Plus and Premier members now only receive one tow per year instead of two? I’ve used my membership twice in five years, one tow and air for a tire. AAA needs to do better! The tow drivers have always been professional that’s a non-issue. AAA members who pay for a yearly service and never use it should receive a rebate of some kind. My insurance company gave rebates for the year of the pandemic as did other companies. I just purchased a vehicle with roadside assistance. I’m really not sure after years of being a AAA member I will renew this year. I’m extremely disenchanted with AAA change in policies with membership prices being increased. In addition to AAA not updating the recommendations of the CDC and their policy to transport a member. If the tow truck driver and member can produce vaccine cards; and both wear masks.There should be no issue transporting at least the member. I can purchase a battery jump starter on Amazon for $50 no other vehicle needed to charge my battery. I can purchase a tire inflator for as low as $16 at Walmart or Amazon. Enabling me to get to the nearest service station off the highway. These and so many other car products are compact and easy to use and store in the trunk. I really feel AAA asking for more money and providing less services is an insult and short changing it’s loyal members!

    1. Hi, thanks for reaching out. We have forwarded your concerns to both our member services counselors for consideration. They’ll be happy to reach out to discuss further. As for our roadside protocols, we currently operate in several states across the Northeast, each with different current guidelines. We are constantly reviewing said guidelines and will update our protocols as needed.

    2. THANK YOU, G.G!!! I’ve repeatedly suggested vaccinated and masked members should have this passenger transportation restored. Put plexiglass in the tow trucks if that would help. And DON’T go sending me information on group travel and cruises while having this ridiculous ban. Not being left stranded is a need. A cruise is a want.

    1. Hi Serge and thanks for reading Your AAA Network. A local AAA branch office would be happy to help. You can find your nearest branch location by visiting this page. Thanks again!

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