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Your AAA Northeast Baseball Guide

northeast baseball stadium guide

We love baseball in the Northeast. When it comes to supporting our teams, Red Sox, Mets and Yankees fans are known for being some of most devoted.

Each spring, with the much-anticipated first crack of the bat on opening day, we return to such simple pleasures as Fenway Franks, the raising of the home run apple at Citi Field and singing along to “New York, New York” after the final out at Yankee Stadium.

Browse through our stadium guides for helpful tips and recommendations on things to see, do and eat in and around all three big league ballparks in the Northeast. Find out how to get coveted Green Monster seats, discover the most iconic features of stadiums across the country and more. For a fun day trip or road trip, we’ve even included a guide to nearby minor league cities.

Your AAA Northeast Baseball Guide 2018Your AAA Northeast Baseball Guide 2018
Yankee Stadium Guide
Your AAA Northeast Baseball Guide 2018
Fenway Park Stadium Guide
minor league baseball cities
7 Minor League Baseball Cities Worth Visiting
iconic baseball stadium features
The 11 Most Iconic Baseball Stadium Features
baseball game
Crossword: At the Ballpark

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  1. While I’m a sold out NY Mets fan, I am surprised that the Philadelphia Phillies were not included as part of the northeast region teams……

  2. The US Census Bureau defines the Northeast to include Pennsylvania, therefor you omitted the Pirates and Phillies stadiums

  3. Bobby Thomson hitting “The Shot Heard ‘Round the World” for the NY Giants baseball team.

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