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The Life section of Your AAA is focused on the parts of life that amount to a lifestyle. Cars? As you would expect after more than 100 years of experience in this area, we’ve got plenty of information on those. How to choose your kid’s first car. Critical repairs to make before it’s too late. Dealing with tailgating.

You’ll read up on the latest in car news, like new trends and innovations in the automobile industry. There is a trove of information on buying and selling cars as well. Perhaps most importantly, we have many articles on maintaining and caring for your vehicles so that you can continue to drive them safely for many years to come. And it’s all from Your AAA, the people you trust for automobile advice.

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We also offer food and dining, home and gardening, technology, and health and fitness. You can read about restaurants with great views of the Northeast’s most exciting cities, find the best places for brunch on Long Island, figure out how to make the perfect steak or learn about restaurants that you absolutely must not miss in our Food and Dining section.

How about getting tips on exercise and developing healthy eating habits in Health and Fitness? Boost your breakfast when traveling. Outdoor workouts for warm weather. Substitutes for vegetable oil and other healthy alternatives – they’re all here at Your AAA.

Technology will guide you to the latest gadgets that will make your life easier, such as the latest fitness wearables, or windshields made of advanced glass technology. And in Home and Garden, you’ll find articles on topics such as finding a house, paying a mortgage and creating a happy home.

The category of “life” might seem like a broad one, but it is centered on finding and developing a lifestyle that suits your personal needs and desires. In life, we appreciate the little things.

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This compact luxury sport-utility vehicle has a sporty, high-tech look and feel. It’s powered by a 2.0 turbocharged, 272-horsepower, four-cylinder engine connected to a 10-speed automatic transmission. (My test drive  

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Cream of corn soup

Food For All: Turkey 2.0

Ah, Thanksgiving. Time to gather with family and friends, give thanks for what we have … and stuff our faces with all the traditional favorites: turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry  


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