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42 Home Improvement Projects: And How to Protect Your Biggest Investment

Learn fun DIY renovation projects and how to protect your biggest investment – your home – with this free guide from Your AAA.

Dear Homeowner,

Home is where the heart is but it’s also where most of your money goes. When you replace a toilet, you want to replace the vanity. When you get new kitchen appliances, you think about painting the kitchen another color. So and so forth. Seriously, the fun never stops.

Of course, the costs never stop either. And boy, can they add up. That’s why Your AAA has put together a list of more than 40 home improvement projects you can tackle yourself. There are living room projects, bathroom fixes, kitchen upgrades and so much more.

With this free guide, 42 Home Improvement Projects: And How to Protect Your Biggest Investment, you will get plenty of renovation inspiration, but also the knowledge you need to be the best homeowner possible. You can read all about home renovations impact the insurance policies you have, and find out what repairs give you the most bang for your buck. Build your home improvement knowledge up with this free guide today!

Hi-di-ho, neighbor!

Do you know what curb appeal is? It’s when you spruce up the outside of your home and your landscaping to attract potential buyers. Even if you aren’t going anywhere, great curb appeal means your house and yard look great, and you’ve got the attention of your neighbors for all the right reasons. Inside this free guide, we cover the ins and outs of curb appeal, easy steps you can take to make your home and attractive and much more.

This free guide is also designed to answer many questions you have about home improvements and homeowners insurance coverage. In fact, the guide will help you…

  • Choose the right lighting for your kitchen
  • Decide how to organize your attic and garage
  • Plan which renovations are the best to do first
  • Relax knowing your home has the right insurance coverage
  • Hire the best contractor for a tougher job or major renovation
  • Enjoy your beautiful home in all its glory

As you can see, there is plenty of useful information inside this free guide. There are projects to keep you busy, but also important information that helps you, the homeowner. And the best part is it is all in one place, in a PDF that you can download and print for safe keeping. You could even keep it with your tools!

AAA Insurance brings you peace of mind

Since 1902, AAA has been providing travel and road safety information to American drivers. But did you know we also offer some of the most competitive insurance, finance and banking products out there? Our insurance experts can help you find the best price on homeowners insurance, car insurance and more. They are also available to explain how a major home renovation might impact your insurance policy. Before you attempt any big projects inside this guide, talk to the experts at AAA Insurance. Call 866-222-7871 to chat today.

We’ve poured all of our extensive knowledge and experience into this single guide to help you feel prepared, confident and excited about your next home improvement project. When you are done, you will be ready to fix, build or repaint whatever obstacle is in the way of you having the home of your dreams.

What else can you expect to read about in this home improvement guide from Your AAA? You get all this:

• More than three dozen home improvement projects you can do yourself
• A printable home care checklist organized by season
• FAQs on pools and finished attics and basements
• Findings of a report on the most cost-effective home repairs
• Tips on how to properly vet a general contractor
• Advice from AAA Insurance experts about homeowners coverage
• Help choosing the right project to start
• Helpful AAA resources to save you money

This guide is full of dozens of projects and tips to help make your next home improvement project as easy as drilling in sheetrock. Whether you are a novice doing his or her first bathroom renovation or an experienced DIYer looking to remodel a kitchen, there is helpful information in here for you.

Remember, you can download the guide immediately, read it at your leisure, and even use it online where you can find bonus links and videos.

Discover all of this in our free guide, 42 Home Improvement Projects: And How to Protect Your Biggest Investment, created for homeowners like you who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.

We hope you’ll download the guide right now, even if you don’t have any projects planned. And when you are ready, we’re sure you’ll like what’s inside. If you do have a project planned, and it’s a big one, make sure you reach out to the experts at AAA Insurance. They can walk you through how your renovation could impact your insurance, and while you’re there, they’ll make sure you have the best homeowners insurance policy for you, your home and your family.

Yours for stress-free, fun home renovation projects,

The Editors of Your AAA

PS: This extremely helpful home improvement guide is completely free. There are no strings attached and no obligation. At Your AAA, we simply enjoy sharing our expertise with homeowners like you!

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    Please Holy cow this is great to see the new update and the bench!!!!!

  • Your Home Improvements Guide is extremely long to print out. I tried to see how many pages there were couldn’t find out, haven’t decided to print such a long document, your free document details are vague. I always was skeptical abut free things. Maybe I should stop renewing this AAA thing of yours.


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