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Hurricane Preparedness Guide

Learn how to prevent damage to your home, how to stay safe during a storm, when to evacuate and so much more.

If it seems like hurricane season has been getting worse and worse, it’s because it has. In 2018, there were 15 named storms – 10 of which were hurricanes, with sustained winds of at least 74 mph – and together they caused $50.2 billion in damage. These statistics are jaw-dropping, but they also prove how important it is to take action when it comes to hurricane safety.

This free guide to hurricane preparedness will show you how to protect your loved ones from these dangerous storms. You will learn how to prevent damage to your home, how to stay safe during a storm, when to evacuate and so much more. Before the next storm hits, read through this guide and talk to a AAA Insurance agent to make sure you, your family and your belongings are ready to weather the storm and bounce back better than ever.

With this free “Hurricane Preparedness Guide,” you will get plenty of safety tips along with the knowledge you need to prepare for an upcoming tropical storm. Build your hurricane knowledge up with this free guide today!

Learn hurricane preparedness basics

Do you know if you should board up your windows when there’s an upcoming hurricane? Are you familiar with all of the hurricane terms that the meteorological professionals use? What should you stock up on in the event of a major storm?

This free guide is designed to answer the many questions you might have about hurricane preparedness. In fact, the guide will help you…

  • Choose the right goods to stock up on.
  • Decide how to protect your home from wind and debris.
  • Plan for an emergency situation.
  • Hire the best contractor for hurricane repairs.

As you can see, there is plenty of useful information inside this free guide. And the best part is it is all in one place, in a PDF that you can download and print for safe keeping.

Storm’s a-brewing

No matter the size of the hurricane, you should hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Using the resources available in this free guide, you can stay one step ahead of the storm.

What else can you expect to read about in this guide from Your AAA? You get all this:

  • How to keep track of your pets in the wake of a hurricane.
  • The right way to board up your windows.
  • The supplies to put in your “go bag” in case of emergency.
  • How to establish a communication plan with your family.
  • How to protect your car from storm damage.
  • And more.

Remember, you can download the guide immediately, read it at your leisure, and even access it online.

Discover all of this in our free Hurricane Preparedness Guide, created for homeowners like you, who want to be prepared for anything.

We hope you’ll download the guide right now, even if there aren’t any hurricanes coming up. You never know when you might need the safety information in this free guide.

Yours for safety and security,

The Editors of Your AAA

PS: This extremely helpful hurricane preparedness guide is completely free. There are no strings attached and no obligation. At Your AAA, we just want our readers to have all the knowledge that they need for situations like these.


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